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Webmaster Tools

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How It Works

Webmaster Tools in Raven provides information and data about the sites you have added to your Webmaster Tools account, which you can use this data to improve how search engines crawl and index your site's content. You can connect your Webmaster Tools account to Raven for easy access to your data and integration within Raven's Keyword Manager.

Raven integrates Google Webmaster Tools seamlessly into the platform. Here you are able to view your top searches, any keywords discovered for your website, crawl issues detected by Google, active sitemaps and any messages relayed to your account.

Although Google Webmaster Tools provides a range of different types of data, this is currently all of the data we can pull in from GWT. As they expand the API, we will grow along with it.

A Case Study

Let's say that you're working with a website that has been around for a while. You have a significant amount of pages and links which drive traffic, but your ranking in Google for some keywords isn't quite what you want it to be. Working with Google Webmaster Tools, you're able to identify crawl issues and fix problems that may be affecting your placement in Google results. Additionally, you're able to find any pages on your website that are dead and need to be either repaired or weeded out. Google Webmaster Tools provides data straight from Google to assist you in developing the most compliant website possible.

Authorizing Google Webmaster Tools

IMPORTANT: In order to pull Top Queries data for a particular site, you will need to add as a Restricted user for that site. This needs to be done directly from the "Add or remove users" option in your Google Webmaster Tools account. For instructions on how to safely share access to your site in Webmaster Tools, please refer to this Google help document

Step 1: Add as a Restricted user

The first step involves creating a Restricted user for the site you want allow Raven to access. This account will enable Raven to retrieve the Search Query data from your Google Webmaster Tools account on a daily basis.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Find the site you want to give Raven access to and click on "Manage Site" and then "Add or remove users" (Note: Only Site Owners have the option to add or remove users)
  3. Click on the "Add a New User" button and add the email "" and make the Permission "Restricted"

Step 2: Enable Raven to Access GWT using OAuth

If you have an account that has not yet been authorized for Google Webmaster Tools you will be prompted to do so.

  1. Go to SEO > Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Click on Add Webmaster Tools Account.

  3. Grant access to Raven to access your Webmaster Tools account. Note: make sure you are authorizing the correct Google account. If you need to sign out of the Google account you're in to authorize another one, you will need to start this process over again.

  4. Name the account. You'll be able to use this same Webmaster Tools account across other websites in the Profile, so we recommend you name this something you could use again within the Profile.
  5. If this is a domain you have not yet verified, you can do that within Raven.
  6. You'll be taken to the main Webmaster Tools view, where you can add and manage site maps, or add keywords to the Keyword Manager.

Note: Once a GWT is authorized in Raven it can take up to 30 minutes for the Top Searches data to be retrieved.

Adding an Existing Account

If you have authorized a Google Webmaster Tools in Raven you will not need to go through the authorization process again, as long as the website is under the same Google Webmaster Tools account.

  1. Go to SEO > Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. From the drop-down menu choose the Google account for the website. Click the Use this Account.

  3. Once you have selected the account click the Use this Account button. Or click New Account if the website is not under any of those accounts. In that case you will be prompted to choose a Google Account an will need to follow the steps for adding a new account, as above.
  4. Verify site ownership as a way to prove to Google that you own your site. Either select HTML File or Meta Tag. 
  5. Click the Verify button.

How to Verify Site Ownership

To verify that you own a site, you can either add a meta tag to your home page or, if you have access to the server, upload a specific HTML file to your server. Webmaster Tools will check to see that the file or tag is present. If it is, Google considers you as the site owner and will show you site details.

If you select HTML file you will find the instructions on how to verify your site's ownership. The codes generated are specific to your site and are provided by Google Webmaster Tools.

If you would prefer to verify ownership via META Tag you will need to copy the meta tag provided into your site's home page

Brand Segmentation

Branded keywords are search terms or phrases associates with a brand name or a variation of a brand name. For instance, branded keywords for Raven Tools would be "raven", "raventools" and/or "raven tools". Non-branded keywords are those keywords that do not incorporate your brand’s name or variations of the brand. With Brand Segmentation you can filter even deeper into your Webmaster Tools results. It allows you to see the amount of traffic to your site coming from branded and non-branded keywords. This data is available for Top Searches and Related Keywords only.

How to set up Brand Segmentation

  1. Go to Campaign > Settings.
  2. Scroll towards the middle of the page and find the Brand Segmentation section.  To enable click the checkbox next to Enable Brand Segmentation.

  3. Add your branded keywords or keyword phrases. You can add up to 5 keywords or keywords phrases.

  4. Click the Save Settings button.


Manage Accounts

  1. Click the Tools Options button and select Manage Accounts.

  2. Raven will display a list of all the websites associated with the account or accounts you have added.

  3. From the gear drop-down menu select Edit if you would like to make changes to your Webmaster Tool account.

  4. Or select Delete if you would like to remove the Webmaster Tool account.


Change Settings

  1. Click the Settings icon and select Manage Accounts.

  2. Select your Preferred Domain settings. You can choose from None, Prefer WWW (http:// or Prefer No WWW (http://

  3. Click the Save button.

Reset Authorization

  1. Click the Settings icon and select Reset Authorization.

  2. Click the Remove Connected Site button to remove this site. Or Cancel if you would not like to proceed with the removal. Deleting an account permanently removes the authorized account from Raven. If the account has several accounts tied to it, those will also be removed.



Troubleshooting Data Discrepancies 

Raven pulls Google Webmaster Tools data such as impressions, clicks, and clickthrough rate on a daily basis. Since Webmaster Tools will report <10 for small daily values of these, they get recorded as 0 in Raven to ensure numbers are not artificially inflated. Average ranking position data is not affected by this, but for keywords not getting more than 10 impressions or clicks in a day, you can see this data reported as zero or lower than what is shown in Google Webmaster Tools.

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