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How do I bulk add Keywords to Keyword Manager?

Nate Baker
posted this on June 23, 2011 03:17 PM


How to Add Keywords to Keyword Manager in Bulk

If you've a keyword list in a different location, like Excel or another service, you can use Tool Options > Import Data to add your data to the Keyword Manager.

  1. Click Tool Options > Import Data.


  2. Click the button under Upload CSV to browse to your CSV file.

  3. If desired, you could opt to Skip First Row by checking the box.

  4. Click the Import CSV button.

CSV Sample

Download a Sample.csv if you'd like a template. At least the keywords columns must be present in the CSV. A good strategy to ensure correct formatting is to use your favorite spreadsheet program of choice and export your data as a .csv file using the specified columns. Here's an example of how your CSV file may look if opened in a text editor:

"juggling","urgent, fun, Jason's clients"
"car wheels","Southeast, auto, Nate's clients"

Tip: Make sure there is just one line break between each row of text in your CSV file. In other words, there should be no rows of space in your CSV file. Wikipedia has a good overview of CSV if you'd like more in-depth information on the format.

Bulk Remove Tags with CSVs

In addition to adding keywords with CSV imports, you can also modify existing keywords. In particular, you can make bulk changes to your keywords' tags by importing a CSV with keywords already being managed in Keyword Manager. Tags can be removed by appending a negative (-) to the existing tag that you would like to remove.

For instance, let's say you're managing several keywords with the tags "pending", "California", and "marketing." If you wanted to remove the "pending" tag when uploading your CSV, this is how your CSV file might look:

"Amoeba","-pending, California, marketing"
"bridges,"-pending, marketing"
"how to dougie","-pending"

In all of these cases, Keyword Manager will remove the "pending" tag from your keywords without adding any new tags.

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