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Nate Baker
posted this on September 08, 2011 03:35 PM


Link Manager: Link Monitoring


The Monitor Tab


When viewing or editing a link record, click the Monitor tab to see link monitoring for the link.

Click the Check Link Status button to manually pull information about the link. You can also click the gear icon to turn on or off link monitoring and view link monitoring settings, which you can learn about below.



Link Monitoring Metrics

Destination URL The location where your link points back to.
Last Check The last time the current Link Record was checked for changes.
Link Index Link Index or Position is the the location of the link out of all the links on the page. For example, 34 of 58 means there are 58 links on the page, and the link appears as the 34th link.
Link Text Match If the Link Text matches what's in Link Manager versus what is live.
Location The physical location of the link on the page. This is a measurement in pixels starting from the top, left of a browser window. (for example: Left: 373px, Top: 1438px)
Monitoring Status The status of Link Monitoring for the Link Record you are viewing. If in Link Monitoring setting you are monitoring "Individual" links, you can either enable or disable monitoring for the current Link Record or change monitoring settings. If in Link Monitoring setting you are monitoring "All" links, you can change monitoring settings to monitor "Individual" links if you'd like more freedom to specific links within a Website to monitor.
MozTrust A score assigned by Moz that quantifies the trustworthiness of a web page relative to all of the other web pages on the Internet. Read More.
MozRank A quality score assigned by Moz that shows how popular a given web page is on the Internet. Read More.
URL Match If the Destination URL currently exists on the Website URL.
Uses Nofollow Broadly, "nofollow" provides a way to tell search engines to not follow links on a page. Read More. If a link is being monitored and there is a <meta name="robots" content="nofollow"> tag in the the html head element, Raven counts all links on the page as nofollow.
Visible If the Destination URL is visible to browser users and not just to search engines and web crawlers.
Website URL The exact location where your link will be live.


Link Monitoring Settings

Raven can monitor links for changes in status (including Requested, Active or Inactive), and you can control how often the links are checked and how you are alerted.

  1. Go to SEO > Link Manager.
  2. Click the Tools Options button and select Link Monitoring.  


  3. Select your frequency and link status settings. Selecting to monitor All links will enable Link Monitoring for all Link Records in your Website according to your Check Link Status options. Setting to monitor Individual links means you can specify which specific Link Records in Link Manager you'd like to monitor. (See Individual Link Monitoring section below.)

  4. If you select All set the Check Link Status. Select to monitor all Requested, Active and/or Inactive links. These settings do not affect Link Monitoring if you are selecting individual Link Records to monitor.

  5. Select your Monitoring Options. You can be alerted if the anchor text, Link Destination URL or noFollow are changed. You can also specify custom alert thresholds for changes in mozRank, Page Authority and the number of links on a page.

  6. Click the Save Settings button.


Link Clips

Traditional PR agencies provide clips to their clients, which are article cutouts and mentions that appear in newspapers and magazines. We've brought this to the SEO world. When our link monitor records an Active link, it takes a screenshot of the page, and creates a clip with a callout of the link.


In Link Manager, click an available clip from the Clip column to see a screenshot of where the link appeared on the page during the last check. Click the Link Record for more details. You can select to view the Clips column within Link Manager by clicking the Display Options icon.



Report with Link Clips

  1. Go to SEO > Link Manager.
  2. Click the Tool Options button and select Create PDF Report to build the report.

  3. Select Detail as the reporting type from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Run Report.

Link Monitoring Usage

Allotted checks per billing period

Link Monitoring overages have different limits than the amount of Link Records you use in Raven. Keep in mind the amount of link monitoring checks you get per month is different than the number of link records records your account can before overages. Check what is included in your Raven plan for the most up to date information on usage.

  • Pro accounts can have link monitoring enabled for 25,000 Link Records with extra monitoring costing $0.005 per additional Link Record that is monitored.
  • Agency accounts can have link monitoring enabled for 100,000 Link Records with extra monitoring costing $0.004 per additional Link Record that is monitored.

See the number checks already used in your current billing cycle

  1. Go to Preferences > Usage.
  2. Find the Current Usage by the Link Monitoring Checks row.

This is the number of link monitoring checks that have run so far in your current billing cycle.

Project the number checks to be run over the next 30 days

  1. Go to SEO > Link Manager.
  2. Click the Tools Options button and select LInk Monitoring icon.

  3. View the Link Monitoring alert at the top of the page.


This alert calculates the estimated number of links you have set to be monitored and their frequency per website and subtracts this number from your total allotted usage. This is not a measure of current usage, but rather a tool to help estimate future usage.

Subtracted from your total allotted number is the number of link checks you will have in the next 30 days if no monitored links are added or removed or if settings are not changed. This is the amount of projected checks you have remaining to use before overages.

In other words, let say you have a Pro account. If the alerts says there are 10 remaining checks in this section, it's saying based on current usage over than next 30 days your account will use 24,990 checks out of your 25,000 checks. If you added another monitored link to be checked weekly, (that would be 4 checks in the next 30 days) this alert changes its projection to let you know you have 6 remaining projected checks.

As mentioned, this is not a measure of current usage or your upcoming bill, but rather an estimate of projected usage. See usage for your current billing period in Main Settings > Usage.

In Preferences > Usage, you can also see this projection data in a different format by clicking the blue help icon next to the Link Monitoring Checks text.



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