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Customize the Appearance of Raven

Nate Baker
posted this on September 21, 2011 07:00 PM

Customize the Appearance of Raven

Below are some ways you can start customizing the appearance of Raven. You can white label reports with brand templates. You can also create as many Read-Only users as you'd like in Raven. You can then assign them to certain sections within Raven. Users can enjoy a seamless experience if you setup a custom domain and take advantage of white labeling settings.

Custom domains


Paid users can use a custom subdomain anytime they’d like. This would give you an address like [custom] This would be where all your users and subusers log in. You can set this in Preferences > Custom Domain.



Agency users have the additional option of a custom domain or subdomain without in the web address. There is an additional fee of $50/month if you’d like a custom domain without Raven branding. We also ask for an up-front one-year commitment to Raven to cover the costs of the SSL certificate. To get started, email us a note at with the domain you’d like to use, and we’ll connect you with someone to walk you through the technical details.

White labeling

Whether or not you are using a custom domain, Raven’s white label options allow the account owners of paid accounts to change the logo that appears in Raven and on the login screen, as well as microcopy, such as the footer text. The account owner can go to Preferences > White Label for our white label settings.

Login widget

We provide code to add a customized Raven login form to your website in Preferences > Custom Domain. Here are details about our login widget.

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