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Social Stream

Nate Baker
posted this on October 28, 2011 03:38 PM


Social Stream

Social > Stream


Social Stream helps you keep up with social conversations in real-time. You can track searches you have set up in Social Monitor and the conversations tied to the Twitter and Facebook accounts set up in Raven.

Case Study

Raven's Social Stream is a river of real-time social information. It aggregates Facebook, Twitter and other social media conversations from more than 20 popular networks into one simple, yet comprehensive, view. You can monitor, participate in or start conversations directly from the Social Stream, tailoring your view to exactly the information you want to see from your social media profiles and searches. Don’t have time to respond now? Don’t lose track of the comment: assign the individual post to yourself or a team member for followup.

Whether you’re managing accounts for a dozen clients, or one client with a dozen accounts, the Social Stream will dramatically speed up your work. You can quickly switch between accounts without leaving the Raven application. Plus, you can set up permissions by client or by team member for more control over who can post where.

Setup Accounts

By default, Social Stream will display results from searches you have set up in Social Monitor and the conversations tied to the Twitter and Facebook accounts set up in Raven. Select a Service to the right to just show one group of results or view or edit quickviews.

You can add a new source by doing any of the following:

Post to Stream


If you have a Facebook or Twitter account configured in Raven (under Social > Facebook or Social > Twitter), you can post to your accounts directly from your Social Stream. To create and push new posts to Twitter and/or Facebook directly from Raven:

  1. Navigate to Social > Stream
  2. Click the New Post button.

  3. Select the Facebook and/or Twitter accounts you want to post from.
  4. Compose your post and upload any images you may wish to display in your Facebook and Twitter posts. For more information about the additional options available to you for posting to Facebook or Twitter, see their respective pages in the Knowledge Base.
  5. Click the Send button to post or schedule your post.

Schedule Posts

You can schedule a post for a later time by clicking the Schedule tab when creating a new post in Social Stream. A separate scheduled post will be created for each account you are posting from. You can select the date, time and timezone from the schedule tab. You can also set your default timezone per website in Campaign > Campaign Settings.


Click the Scheduled Posts icon to see your pending posts and history of scheduled posts for the accounts tied to the current Campaign. From here you can edit or deleted pending posts using the gear icon to the right of each post.


Duplicate or Similar Posts

Keep in mind, Twitter or Facebook may reject posts if they have duplicate or similar content. For instance, according to restrictions in the Twitter API, "for each update attempt, the update text is compared with the authenticating user's recent tweets. Any attempt that would result in duplication will be blocked, resulting in a 403 error. Therefore, a user cannot submit the same status twice in a row."



In addition to the main view, which displays all of your available social data, you can also save views that include only specific sources and settings. Custom Sources is your default Quickview, which can be edited to display specific elements from your Twitter, Facebook and Social Monitor. Your saved quickviews appear to left under the Services listing. To create a new Quickview click the New Quickview button or just edit an existing one by clicking the Edit button in the top-right corner.

Editing Quickviews


When editing a Quickview you can specify exactly what data you want to see in your Social Stream feed: the Social Monitor searches that are being pulled in, the specific posts to Facebook pages or profiles that are coming in and Twitter posts, mentions, lists or searches.

To add or remove a source from your Quickview, click the Edit button and select (or deselect) the checkboxes next to each source that you'd like to remove. In the case of Twitter, each active Twitter account will also display its saved Twitter Lists and saved Twitter Searches. These will display Tweets based on your settings for either option. Finally, click Mentions Only to choose to see all of the tweets from the people you're following or only mentions of your username.

Navigate Stream

Post Interaction Links


Each post displayed in Social Stream will include a group of relevant links at the bottom. For instance if you're looking at a tweet pulled in from one of your connected Twitter accounts, you can reply, retweet, favorite or view the other tweets in this conversation. For Facebook posts, you can like or comment on each instance. All three source types (including Social Monitor) allow you to view the post on the network that it originally appeared on by clicking the timestamp.

Twitter User Interaction


For posts by Twitter users, click the triangle icon to learn about the user. This view will show you show you profile information such as their number of followers, location, website bio description and signup date. Click the Follow/Unfollow button to follow or unfollow the user.

You can click the Tweets tab to see their three most recent original tweets. This does not display retweets. Finally, click the Contact tab to add the Twitter user as a Raven CRM contact or view contact information if they are already added as a contact in Raven.

Post Interaction


Options for interacting with individual posts can be found in the Gear Menu, next to each posts. This menu's options will change based on the source of the post, but will always show several System Options that integrate Social Stream into other tools in Raven.

  • Add Task: Add this post or mention as a Task in Task Manager. You can use this option to assign a post to another user on your account, with instructions on what to do with that post.
  • Add Contact: Add this poster as a contact in CRM.
  • Add Link (Monitor Only): Add this link as a Link Record in Link Manager.

Domain Exclusions


To exclude particular results from Social Monitor searches, click the Tool Options button and choose the Domain Exclusions option.

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