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Why is Raven's support e-mail only?

Nate Baker
posted this on January 05, 2012 10:16 AM

Raven's Customer Care team helps you with general support and technical help exclusively through e-mail. We do not offer phone support for two main reasons:


First, Cost.

By providing support exclusively via email, our Customer Care staff can help many more customers much more quickly. This efficiency helps keep our overall costs lower and the price of Raven affordable for you and other customers.

Second, Context.

When you click Help Center > Report an Issue in Raven, we receive an email with important context that allows us to respond faster and more appropriately, including: 

  • The profile and campaign where the issue is occurring
  • The exact section and URL where the issue occurred
  • The account where you are having an issue
  • If you are an account owner or a subuser
  • Past issues that have come up with your account
  • Your account's billing history
  • Your plan and the associated usage tied to your account
  • Your browser type

It looks a little like this to us:


Having this rich information at our fingertips allows us to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively. If we need to pass along a bug to developer, they have all of the information they need to recreate a specific issue and fix the bug. And when bugs are fixed quickly for you, it keeps other Raven customers from having the same issues as well. Finally, in the event that more than one Raven team member works on a support request, the context is always there to get each person up to speed and avoid repeat questions.

More resources 

If you are looking for ways to learn to use Raven, you can click Help Center for more information about the specific tool you're using or review these ways to get started. Also, our Customer Care page includes links to multiple resources including webinars.

As always, click Help Center in Raven whenever you have a question or concern. We're happy to help.

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