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Google Analytics: Setting Up

Alison Groves
posted this on July 12, 2010 02:36 PM


Google Analytics: Setting Up

Campaign > Google Analytics > Google Analytics Settings

Add Account

Here's how to add a new Google Analytics account to Raven:

  1. Navigate to Campaign > Google Analytics. On this page, if you do not have any Google Analytics tokens listed in your account, you'll to click the Authorize New Google Account. Once you click this button you will begin the process to link your Google Analytics account with Raven.


  2. Once you click the Authorize New Google Account button a modal window will be displayed. Select Google Analytics or/and Google AdWords data, if you would like, and click Continue to Google.



  3. You will be directed to a Google page asking if you would want to authorize Raven to access your account. Click the Accept button. 

    This page may include a message, reading "Raven Tools and Google will use this information in accordance with their respective terms of service and privacy policies. The reason why this message appears is because of the flexibility we offer with custom naming. It isn't feasible (or possible) for us to register each domain with Google. Your data is secure in Raven – this warning is just asking if you are familiar with the application requesting access.
  4. Choose a Profile: Once you've successfully authorized your account, if you have multiple Google Analytics profiles in your Google account, you'll be prompted to choose one profile to associate with your website. Additionally, you can check Traffic Sources Details, set your Adwords preferences, auto-import link referrers to Link Manager, enable Ecommerce and set its currency.


Using Tokens

Tokens are pieces of information that tell Google that an application is allowed to display data from a given Google Account. Essentially, tokens exist to keep you from having to log into Google each time that you want to view Analytics or AdWords data in Raven.

When you authorize a token, we'll automatically "name" it with your email address for future clarity. This allows for ease of use in the future when associating different websites that may have Google Analytics data in the same GA account. You can reuse the same token on multiple websites, so using the email address associated with that particular Google Analytics account makes this easy to recognize in the future when you are setting up analytics for new websites that are in your same Google Analytics account.

Note: You cannot authorize the same Google Analytics account more than twenty times in our system. When you attempt to authorize the same GA account more than twenty times, your oldest token is automatically deleted. This can cause Websites to lose access to Google Analytics and disrupt your Scheduled Reports. If you have more than one website associated with the same Google Analytics account, use that same token for every new website you set up.

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