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How do I set up Brand Segmentation?

Jeanne McRedmond
posted this on March 20, 2013 03:23 PM

Brand Segmentation

Branded keywords are search terms or phrases associates with a brand name or a variation of a brand name.  For instance, branded keywords for Raven Seo Tools would be "raven", "raventools" and/or "raven tools".  Non-branded keywords are those keywords that do not incorporate your brand’s name or variations of the brand. With Brand Segmentation you can filter even deeper into your Webmaster Tools results. It allows you to see the amount of traffic to your site coming from branded and non-branded keywords. This data is available for Top Searches and Related Keywords only.

How to set up Brand Segmentation

1. Go to Campaign > Campaign Settings.

2. Scroll towards the middle of the page and find the Brand Segmentation section. To enable click the checkbox next to Enable Brand Segmentation.


3. Add your branded keywords or keyword phrases. You can add up to 5 keywords or keywords phrases.

4. Click the Save Settings button.


As you navigate through the various tools within Raven, you'll now see a brand label where relevant.




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