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Chrome Toolbar

Nate Baker
posted this on June 20, 2012 04:05 PM

Chrome Toolbar



Use the Chrome Toolbar to take Raven along while you browse the Internet. Click the Raven icon to toggle the toolbar on and off. You can do the following and more:

  • Switch and view any profile or campaign in your account.
  • Share things you come across to your social networks.
  • Add links to Link Manager when link building.
  • Run a Research Central report for the page you're viewing.
  • Log into social networks using the Persona Manager.
  • Share a page with your social networks.

Future Enhancements

  • Multiple Windows: Currently the Raven Chrome Toolbar supports working within multiple tabs within one window, but not multiple windows. We are working on allowing users to be able to use the toolbar with multiple windows, but we don't have an ETA on when this will be available.

Associated Alerts


You'll see alerts by Links, Contacts and Notes for the number of items associated with the current page you're viewing and the selected Raven campaign.


Download the Raven Chrome Toolbar

  1. Make sure you're running the latest version of Google Chrome.
  2.  Go the Chrome Web Store.

  3. Click the Add To Chrome button.
  4. Click the Continue button at the button of Chrome.

  5. Click the Add button when the prompt appears at the top of Chrome.

  6. That's it! You can now click the Raven icon to toggle the Chrome Toolbar on and off. You may have to refresh the page to see the change.





Click the star to open Raven. You'll be sent to the dashboard of the campaign selected in the toolbar's campaign menu to the far, right.




Click Research and we'll pull up  current URL you're viewing in Research Central, a mashup of SEO intelligence data from MajesticSEO and Moz.




Next to Links you'll see a red number based on the number of links in the selected campaign's Link Manager which have the same subdomain for the URL you're viewing. Click View Links to view these links or click Add Link to add a new link to Link Manager based on the page you're viewing.

Click Find Backlinks to run a Backlink Explorer report for the URL you're viewing. Raven will extract data from MajesticSEO's Fresh Index, which is updated daily and contains data from the last 60 days.  



In Contacts you can click to a add a contact to CRM tied to the website you're viewing or view related contacts.




Click Share to share information to any of the Twitter or Facebook accounts setup in selected campaigns. Select which accounts you'd like to share at the top.

After you select which accounts your message will post to, you can toggle additional settings below your message.

Campaign Variables: Simply type in your campaign data and it will be included in your post.

Shorten URLs: Enter the full URL and then click the shorten URL icon under the post box to shorten the URL.

Schedule a post: To schedule a tweet or Facebook post, click the clock icon and enter the date and time the message should be posted. Then choose the country and timezone for the post, and click the Post button.

Facebook link options: If you would like to include a link or thumbnail URL with your Facebook post, enter their URLs in the respective fields that appear in the drop-down when clicking the Facebook icon.




In Notes you can add a note about the website you're visiting that will be stored in the selected website's Website Directory (Links > Website Directory). You can also view notes associated with the subdomain you're viewing and the campaign selected in the toolbar that may already be added.



In Personas you can view all personas setup for the selected campaign. You'll also see all global personas setup in Persona Manager.


Click a persona to see the websites associated with it. In Raven, you can modify Persona Manager settings in Social > Personas.





Click the gear icon to see toolbar preferences. You can click Switch Accounts to log into a different Raven account that you're currently logged into.



Click Preferences to choose which links to show in the toolbar.


Toggle on Dofollow Links to have Raven highlight Dofollow links in green.

Toggle on Nofollow Links to have Raven highlight Nofollow links in red.

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