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Alison Groves
posted this on July 30, 2010 03:08 PM

Raven allows you to specify access for any type of user, including link builders or clients who simply wants to see their analytics. The first step in assigning access rights to a user account is to create a role in the Role Manager. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up roles and assigning those roles to users in Raven:

First Set Up a Role in Raven

To create a sub-user role or read-only user, do the following:

    1. Go to Preferences > Role Manager.
    2. Click on the Add Sub-User or Read-Only button.

    3. Name the Role and add a Description.

    4. Set Access Levels: Sub-users have Full Access, Read-Only and No Access options. Read-Only users have Read-Only and No Access options. Some features don't have a Read-only option.

      Checking the Full Access button grants all access to the particular tool. Read-only allows a user to see the data but not edit or make changes. None hides the feature completely from the user. Make your selections for each category for this new Role.


    5. Click the Save Role button.


Second, Apply a Role to a New User

  1. Go to Preferences > User Manager.
  2. Click the Add Sub-User or Add Read-Only User button.
  3. Enter user details. You can opt to send a welcome email, or set the user as an admin if they you are creating a sub-user. Admins can add and edit users and manage link monitoring.


  4. Assign a role to the user. When you create a new sub-user or read-only user, the default role is set to none. We recommend that the default role stay set to none, especially for read-only users. This ensures that the user will only have access to the data you’d like them to, even after you add new Profiles. 


  5. Need to limit a user to a single profile or campaign? Assign the role you’d like to use for just that profile. Then, to then limit access to campaigns within that profile, check the box next to Customize for access to specific sites.


  6. Click Save User Settings when you're done.
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