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Raven API

Irene Phelps
posted this on August 20, 2010 11:56 AM

API keys are unique to each profile. You can activate and get your API key by going to Preferences > Profile Manager and clicking on a profile. Then, in the API Key section, click the Get New API Key button. If you have more than one profile you will have to get an API for each one them.

Here is documentation for the Raven API.


1. Go to Preferences > Profile Manager



Did You Know?

Why don't I see Profile Manager?  Only Account Owners and Admin Users have access to Profile Manager.  


2. In the Profile Manager click on the Profile you want to work with.



3.Click the Get API Key button.



Your API Key will be displayed.  At this point you will also be able to view the API Documentation or use the API Testing Tool. To get a new key, click the Get New API Key button.  To remove an API Key, simply click the Remove API Key button.


Did You Know?

If you have set up an API Key, it will be displayed on the main Profile Manager page.


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