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Learning Raven

In Raven, click Help Center for a knowledge base article explaining what you can do in the current tool or to get additional help by searching this knowledge base for your question.


About the Dashboard

The Raven Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance look at your Internet marketing activity for the campaign you're viewing. You can add, rearrange and delete modules for several tools. All data has a range of the last 30 days. Click Campaign > Dashboard in Raven and you'll be sent to the current campaign's dashboard. By default we'll show you details of your site's performance.


Dashboard module settings are unique to each user.

Get started with Dashboards

  1. Add a new campaign using campaign menu or navigate to a campaign.


  2. Click Campaign > Dashboard if you're not already in the Dashboard.
  3. If this is a new campaign we'll populate data in the Research Central and Site Performance modules to get you started based on the exact URL of your Raven campaign. 
  4. Select any additional module you'd like to add and select the Add Module button. Add as many as you'd like.

  5. Configure modules. Some modules will require an action to pull in data the first time such as Site Auditor if your site hasn't been crawled yet, or social modules if you haven't connected an account yet. Just click the Setup button to get started.


Edit and View Modules

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop a module's position by clicking and dragging the top of a module.

Edit Modules


You can refresh data by clicking Gear Icon > Refresh to ensure the latest data is populating the module. You can also launch to see the full data or remove a module using the gear icon.

Metrics Options

The Research Central and Site Performance modules also allow you to configure which metrics are shown in the dashboard. Click the gear icon to add a metric and hover over a metric and click the Remove link to remove a metric.


Available Modules

Keep in mind, you won't see all possible options from the module menu. For instance if you only have one twitter account in Social > Twitter, you won't see the Twitter: All Accounts module which is a summary of multiple twitter accounts.


  • Google Analytics Summary
  • Google Analytics Referrers
  • Google Analytics Keywords
  • Google Analytics Goal Specific Module
  • Google AdWords Summary (Data from Google AdWords API)
  • Google Analytics: AdWords Summary (AdWords data available form the Google Analytics API)
  • Links by Type
  • Links by Website Type
  • Facebook: Individual Page
  • Facebook: All Pages
  • Twitter: Individual Account
  • Twitter: All Accounts
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Research Central
  • Site Auditor
  • Site Performance

Add a Campaign

You can click the Add Campaign button to create a new campaign within the current profile.


While not in the dashboard, you can create new campaigns in the future from the Campaign menu.

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