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Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 04:54 PM


Global Icons: CRM

CRM > Contacts


About CRM

The CRM is for link prospecting and social outreach. You can add unlimited contacts, keep track of relationships statuses, create contact-related tasks, and pull in leads from popular services like AWeber.

How it works

Raven's CRM is tightly integrated into the Link Management and Social Media Marketing tools. Contact records are assigned a Type and Status to help track the progression of each relationship. You can create contact-related tasks, including social tasks, which are tightly integrated into our Social tools. The CRM also supports templated messages for outreach via email, and a Leads section for importing leads from popular services like AWeber and Wufoo.

What agencies will love

Contact records can be shared with everyone on your team or they can be restricted to individual team members associates with specific profiles. They can also be set to private, allowing only the creator of the contact record and the accounts administrators to access it. Contact records include contact types, statuses, notes, and messages, enabling teams to stay in sync.



You can add filters in the CRM Contacts and Tasks tabs. Filters are used to refine the list of link records you want to view.

Contacts can be filtered by Include or Exclude, Scope, Social Networks, Contact Status, Contact Type and Lead Source.

Tasks can be filtered by Include or Exclude, Profiles and Type.

Adding Filters

To create a new filter, click on filter icon and click on Create New Filter.



CRM Contacts Tab

Add Contact

  1. Go to CRM > Contacts and click the Add Contact button.

  2. Fill out the contact form. Contact records can be added as Global Contact, allowing everyone on your team to have access; Profile Contact, only made available to team members that have access to that specific profile; and Private Contact, which can only be viewed by the contact creator and the account administrators. Add basic and website information, as well as email, social networks, phone number (persona and business), and address.
  3. Click the Save button.

Edit Contact

  1. Click the contact name you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit Contact button.
  3. Make changes from the Edit Contact page.
  4. Save your changes by clicking the Save button and the bottom of the page.

Delete Contacts

  1. Click the contact name you want to delete.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the New Message button and select Delete Contact from the drop-down menu.

  3. A Delete Contact box will pop-up to confirm you want to delete the contact. 


  4. Click the Delete Contact button to completely remove the contact record.


Browse Contacts

The CRM offers several different ways to look for contacts:

1. Users can easily browse for contacts using the pagination option at the bottom of the contact table. By default Raven will display 10 contact records at a time. But by clicking the Table Options icon, you can change pagination to display up to 100 records.


2. The search box allows users to look for specific contacts. Raven will automatically display contacts for searches based on name, last name or display name. 

3. Additionally users can use more advanced automated features by creating filters.


Manage Contacts

That covers basic tasks and navigating around. Now learn about managing contacts


Import Contacts 

  1. Click Tool Options > Import Data.

  2. Raven will redirect you to the Import Contact from CSV form. Browse your CSV file by clicking Choose File and click on the Import Contacts button.
  3. The system will prompt you to map your headers to what Raven has offering several mapping selections. 
  4. Click the Import button.

Export Contacts

To export individual records click the name of the contact. Under the contact information click on the gear icon located on the upper right corner of the contact table. From the drop-down menu select either Export to CSV or Export VCard, in which case you will be creating a contact record in your personal address box.

By clicking the gear icon located on the upper right corner of the contact box and selecting Export to CSV all you contact records will be exported.


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