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Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 05:06 PM


Blog Manager

Content > Blog Manager


Raven's Blog Manager integrates with WordPress blogs and allows you to publish, edit, schedule and delete posts from within Raven. Once you've provided your blog's URL, username and password, the Blog Manager will automatically sync with it.

Case Study

Blog Manger integrates with Content Manager, which opens up a simple workflow process of writing content, analyzing that content, then publishing it for the world to see. Blog Manager, when connected your WordPress blog, gives you basic functionality for publishing to your blog, including categories, post statuses, image uploading and embedding and the ability to schedule a post.

Add New Blog

  1. Go to Content > Blog Manager.
  2. Click the Add New Blog link in the upper right corner.

  3. Enter the full URL for your blog.

  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. Raven’s system will auto-discover as much information as possible about the blog. Enter any information that’s missing, including the name, server, XML-RPC endpoint, username and password.

  6. Decide on your privacy settings. If you want to make this blog available across all Raven profiles, select the Global Blog checkbox. If you would prefer to make this blog private to all users except admins, select the Private Blog checkbox.
  7. Click the Save button.

Older versions of WordPress may require you to enable XML-RPC under Remote Publishing before you are able to sync your blog in Raven. To do this, log into your WordPress blog and click the Writing link under the Settings menu. Under the Remote Publishing section, check the box to enable the XML-RPC publishing protocols. This setting is activated automatically for modern WordPress installations.

Edit Blog Settings

Once you've created a blog, you can edit its settings by clicking the Gear Menu next to the blog and choosing the Edit option. This will allow you to change all of the settings previously entered when you added the blog to Blog Manager, including Blog Name, Server, Username, Password, Timezone and Global/Private settings.

Delete Your Blog

To remove your blog from Raven, click the Gear Menu next to the blog you'd like to delete and choose the Delete option. This will not delete your blog entirely, it will just remove it from Raven. If you're only managing one blog in your Raven account, click the Delete Blog button in the top-right corner of Blog Manager.

Add New Posts

Now that you have a WordPress blog synced in Blog Manager, you can start writing posts to publish through that blog.

  1. Go to Content > Blog Manager.
  2. Click the Add Post button in the upper right corner. If you're managing multiple blogs, you will need to first choose a blog from the listing.

  3. Enter your post's title and content.

  4. Embed any images you may want to include in your blog by clicking the Choose File button under Available Files and pick an image. This will upload your image into your WordPress Media Manager and will show up in the Available Files section.
  5. Choose any categories, alter your post status or schedule your post date and time.
  6. Click the Save button.

Edit Blog Posts

BlogManager-EditDelete.pngYou can edit blog posts regardless of whether they were written in Raven or not. To edit your post, click the Gear Menu next to the post you would like to edit and choose the Edit option.

Delete Blog Posts

You can also delete blog posts from Raven, without needing to go to your blog. To delete your post, click the Gear Menu next to the post you would like to remove and choose the Delete option. This will permanently delete your blog post from your blog.

Table Settings

Search Bar

You can use the search bar above your blog listings to find blog posts and blogs that matches specific search terms. Keep in mind that the search bar does not accept boolean arguments — only words and phrases. Click the Search button to search through your terms. Click the X while in a search to restore your entire listing.

Filter Sets


All of the content in Blog Manager can be filtered using Filter Sets. To create a new Filter, click the Filter Options icon. For more information about how Filter Sets work, see our Knowledge Base article on Filter Sets.

Display Options


The columns displaying data for your content can be modified by clicking the Display Options icon at the top of the table. You can use this menu to select or deselect which columns that you would like to see in the table. This setting is only available on the blog selection screen.

Table Options


Miscellaneous settings can be found when clicking the Settings icon at the far right of the Table Settings icons. In this menu, you can export data by clicking Save to CSV or create a PDF by clicking Save to PDF.

To change the amount of items displayed on each page, click one of the numbers next to Pagination: 10, 25, 50 or 100.


Does Blog Manager support my non-WordPress blog?

Raven's Blog Manager was built for WordPress in mind, which supports XML-RPC endpoints and are what the Blog Manger uses to connect to blogs. Furthermore, Blog Manager scans your blog install for WordPress-specific files, which will prevent users of other blogging software from being able to take additional steps in authorizing their blogs. If your blogging software is not built using WordPress, you likely won't be able to connect your blog to Blog Manager.

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