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With Raven's Twitter tool, users are able to manage an unlimited amount of Twitter accounts across all of their Campaigns. Once you've authorized a Twitter account, you can post or schedule tweets, as well as perform regular Twitter functions like favoriting, retweeting, viewing threads and responding to mentions, allowing you to keep conversations going without needing to leave Raven.

In addition to the posting functions, Raven also offers link shortening options with a number of different services – including custom accounts – and detailed Twitter metrics, located under Social > Twitter Metrics.

Case Study

Let's say that you're managing the social media presence for five different clients. Each of those clients has a Twitter account, which they're relying on you to keep up to date with new blog posts, new information and regular engagement with their own customers. Juggling all five accounts with Twitter's web application can get frustrating, but Raven allows you to authorize and stay current on all of your accounts without having to deal with the hassle of signing out and signing back in of each one.

Use Raven's scheduling feature to make sure your posts go out exactly when you want them to. With Raven's integration, you can even specify your own custom shortener and bake custom analytics Campaign Variables into your shortened links. Keep tabs on your client with advanced search functionality and lists, as well as mentions of your username. See a tweet you need someone else to follow up on? Assign it to another user with Raven's CRM and Tasks tools.

Authorize Your Twitter Accounts

Add Your First Twitter Account

  1. Navigate to Social > Twitter.
  2. Click the Add Twitter Account button.

  3. Raven Tools will redirect you to Twitter to authorize Raven. Click the Authorize App button. You'll need to type in the username and password of the account you want to connect if you're not logged in yet.


Once you've authorized the Raven application in Twitter, you'll be redirected to Raven where your account will be live and ready to use. Twitter data from this point forward will be tracked in Social > Twitter Metrics from the point that you add your account. Keep in mind that Twitter does not provide historic data and it will take up to 24 hours for data to start to appear.

Add Additional Twitter Accounts

  1. Navigate to Social > Twitter.
  2. Click the dropdown menu containing your Twitter accounts and select Manage Accounts.

  3. Click on the Add Twitter Account button.
  4. Raven Tools will redirect you to Twitter to authorize Raven. Click the Authorize App button. You'll need to type in the username and password of the account you want to connect if you're not logged in yet.


Manage Accounts

Twitter-ManageAccountsGear.pngOnce you've authorized your Twitter accounts in Raven, there are several management options that can be used to change settings for individual accounts. This includes reauthorization and scope. To edit these settings, click the dropdown menu containing your Twitter accounts and choose Manage Accounts.

To edit a particular Twitter account, click the gear icon next to it on this page. You should see up to four options:

  • Make Default: If you have multiple Twitter accounts authorized on the same Campaign, you can choose to make it so one of these accounts is always shown first when navigating to Social > Twitter.
  • Move to Profile/Campaign Accounts: This option allows users to make the Twitter account available to all of the Campaigns in a Profile. You can switch this back to only display on an individual Campaign at any time.
  • Reauthorize: If you're having trouble with getting your Twitter data to appear in Raven, you can reauthorize your account without losing any data. Click this menu option to disconnect and reconnect your Twitter account.
  • Delete: Delete your Twitter account from Raven. This will not delete your Twitter account; it will only remove the account from your Raven account.

Post to Twitter


Once you've authorized your Twitter account, you can post to that Twitter account from Raven:

  1. Select a Twitter account you want to post from from the dropdown accounts menu.
  2. Click the New Post button.
  3. Compose your post. You should see a character counter in the top-right, above the post box. Be sure to keep your post at or under 140 characters.
  4. Once you've composed your tweet, upload an image, add any additional campaign variable information, shorten any links or schedule your post.
    • Image: To upload an image using, click the Choose File button and pick an image from your computer hard drive. Keep in mind that images are limited to 2MB in size and only JPG, GIF (including animated GIFs) and PNGs are supported. This will add 23 characters to your tweet.
    • Shorten URLs: If there is at least one link in your post, you can click the Shorten URLs button to shorten the link(s). Raven will use the URL shortener selected in Tool Options.
    • Campaign Variables: Click the Campaign Variables tab if you'd like to add custom Source, Medium and Name variables. These are used in Google Analytics to track traffic to links. You can set default values per Twitter account in Tool Options. Be sure to add these variables before shortening your links, or else they won't be added.
    • Schedule: Click the Schedule tab to send your tweet in the future. You can select the date, time and timezone. You can set your default timezone per Campaign in Campaign > Campaign Settings. For more information about scheduling tweets, see below.
  5. Click the Send button to post or schedule your tweet.

Schedule Tweets

You can schedule a tweet to post at a later time by clicking the Schedule tab when creating a new post. In this tab, you can specify the date, time and timezone for your post, then set it to post at that time. You can set your default timezone per Campaign in Campaign > Campaign Settings.


Click the Scheduled Posts icon to see your pending Twitter posts and a history of scheduled posts for the current Twitter account. From here you can edit or deleted pending posts using the gear icon to the right of each post.


Duplicate or Similar Tweets

Keep in mind that Twitter may reject tweets if they have duplicate or similar content. According to restrictions in the Twitter API, "for each update attempt, the update text is compared with the authenticating user's recent tweets. Any attempt that would result in duplication will be blocked, resulting in a 403 error. Therefore, a user cannot submit the same status twice in a row."



Raven's Twitter management tool offers several different views, displaying Twitter data for mentions, your timeline, your profile, your lists and any searches that have been performed. Use the sidebar to the left to switch between views. In addition to the sidebar, you can see an overview of metrics in the Statistics Bar, at the top of the page. Click the View metrics link under your profile name or go to Social > Twitter Metrics to see more detailed Twitter metrics.

The following views are available in Twitter:

  • Timeline: By default, the Raven Tools Twitter Monitor displays the Timeline feed of the Twitter account that you’re managing. Your Timeline feed displays posts by all of the people that you are following.
  • Mentions: The Mentions view shows you all of the replies and mentions made of your username by other Twitter users. This does not include retweets, favorites or other activity.
  • Profile: The Profile view displays your replies, posts and retweets exactly as they are displayed when people look at your account on Twitter itself.
  • Lists: If you're managing Twitter lists (or you've been added to a Twitter list by another user), you can view those lists and the tweets from users in those lists in the Lists view.
  • Searches: By default, the Searches section of Twitter displays all of your saved advanced Twitter searches. This is also where you can conduct advanced searches for users and tweets.

Learn about the Lists and Searches sections below.

Statistics Bar


At the top of each page in Raven's Twitter tool is a statistics bar, displaying information for Following, Followers, Total Mentions and Retweet Reach, as well as a comparison to the previous period. By default, these metrics will display data for the last 30 days.

  • Following: The number of people that you are following with this Twitter account.
  • Followers: The number of people who are following your Twitter account.
  • Total Mentions: The total number of time that your Twitter username has been mentioned in the tweets of other users, over a given period of time.
  • Retweet Reach: An estimate of how many users were potentially reached by users retweeting your posts on Twitter. This is calculated, roughly, by adding the follower counts for each user who retweeted your posts.

Users can change the date range for these metrics by clicking Tool Options and selecting the Stats menu option. You can choose from a list of date range presets or pick your own custom range here.

Interact with Tweets and Users

At the bottom of each tweet is a series of links that you can use to interact with tweets or Twitter users. If there is a thread of replies can click View Conversation to view the related tweets. You can also reply, retweet, favorite or click the timestamp to navigate to the permalink for that tweet on

User Interaction

Click the triangle icon to learn about the Twitter user. This view will show you show you profile information such as their number of followers, location, website bio description and signup date. Click the Follow/Unfollow button to follow or unfollow the user.

You can click the Tweets tab to see their three most recent original tweets. This does not display retweets. Finally, click the Contact tab to add the Twitter user as a Raven CRM contact or view contact information if they are already added as a contact in Raven.

Tweet Interaction

Options for interacting with individual tweets can be found in the Gear Menu, next to the triangle icon. This menu shows options for standard tweet operators such as reply, retweet, favorite and view the tweet on Twitter. In addition to those operators, this menu also offers several other options, divided in to Twitter Options and System Options.

  • Quote Retweet: Automatically copy the text of a tweet into a new post. This allows you to add your own comment to another user's tweet. Be aware of the 140 character limit.
  • Add or Remove from Lists: Add this user to a Twitter List or remove them. Clicking this option will bring up a window with all of your Twitter Lists. Select the checkboxes for each list you want to add this user to.
  • Unblock @User: Remove this user from your block list.
  • Block @User: Add this user to your block list. This will prevent the user from being able to see your tweets while logged in or contact you via Twitter.
  • Report @User for Spam: Alert Twitter to the existence of a spammy or abusive account. This will automatically add the user to your block list.
  • Add Task: Add this tweet as a Task in Task Manager. You can use this option to assign a tweet to another user on your account, with instructions on what to do with that tweet.
  • Add Contact: Add this Twitter user as a contact in CRM.

Twitter Lists


Click Lists in the Sidebar to view all of the Twitter Lists that you are either subscribed to or are a member of. To switch between these lists, click the selector in the top right corner of the screen. Click a list to view tweets from member of that list.

To create a new Twitter List, click the Create List button, next to the list type selector. Enter your List Name as well as an optional, 100 character description. This will also allow you to choose whether or not you want your list to be private, which will hide the list from all other Twitter users. These settings can be edited by clicking the gear icon next to any list and choosing the Edit option.

When viewing tweets in Raven, click the gear icon and choose the Add or Remove from Lists option to add or remove a Twitter user from one of your lists. Lists edited in Raven are synced with Twitter.

Twitter Search


You can search Twitter anytime from Raven using the Search Twitter bar, in the Twitter header. If you'd like to search for a specific term or complex string, the Search Twitter bar in Raven supports advanced Twitter search operators. The search page will bring up two types of matches: tweets and users. To toggle between these result types, click the options in the Sidebar.

After searching, click the Save button to save a search in the Searches section. Saved searches in Raven are synced with Twitter searches, allowing you to add or remove searches from either platform.

If you're interested in making an advanced search, which allows you to use multiple fields to find exactly what you're looking for, click the Advanced Search button in the Searches section or in the listings after a basic search. Just like with regular searches, click the Save button if you'd like to keep the search for future reference.


Reporting and Exporting

To create a Twitter Management Report from the Twitter tool, click the Tool Options button and choose Create PDF Report. This will create the equivalent of a Twitter summary report, using data from the Twitter Metrics section of your account.

For more information on creating Twitter reports in Report Wizard, see the Twitter Metrics section of Raven.

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