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Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 05:17 PM


Persona Manager

Social > Persona Manager


If you're managing multiple social media accounts, you can use Raven's Persona Manager to keep a directory of all of your social media usernames, passwords and other information. You can think of it like your own internal social CRM — a list of accounts that you need for managing your or your clients' social media presence. You can log into accounts directly from Raven Tools, removing the need for sticky notes and password files.

Create New Persona

  1. Navigate to Social > Persona Manager.
  2. Click the New Persona button. If this domain does not have any Personas established in Persona Manager, you will see a message explaining Persona Manager with a button in the bottom right. Otherwise, click the New Persona button in the top right.

  3. Add your account information to the Add Persona form. The only required field is Persona Name. Add as much or as little information as you want in the form.

  4. Set access rights for the Persona. Personas can be assigned one of three permissions: Global, Profile-only or Private. Click the Global option if you want this Persona information to be available to all Profiles associated with your Raven Tools account. Click the Private button if you want this Persona information to be hidden from other Profiles and users associated with your Raven Tools account. All users with admin access will be able to see all Persona information, even Personas that are set to Private.
  5. Click Save to create your new Persona.

When you've created at least one Persona, navigating to Persona Manager will result in displaying the Persona that is alphabetically first in the Manage Accounts dropdown menu. To create more Personas, click the New Persona button.

Edit and Delete Personas

PersonaManager-ManageGear.pngPersonas can be edited or deleted from their individual pages in Persona Manager. You can edit these Personas by clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the sidebar. Or, if you'd like to remove the Persona entirely, you can do so by clicking the Delete button.

These same options are accessible from clicking the Personas dropdown menu and choosing Manage Accounts. Click the gear icon next to each Persona to edit or delete that Persona.

Add Websites to Your Persona

Now that you have a Persona listed in Persona Manager, you can add the social media networks that you manage to that Persona.

  1. Choose a Persona from the dropdown menu next to the Personas heading.
  2. Click the Add Website button, below the Tool Options button.

  3. Click the Website field and type the name of the social media website you want to add to your Persona. You can choose as many websites as you'd like from this listing, but all chosen website will use the same username, password and email.

  4. Select the Default Login option to use the login information noted when you created your Persona. To use a different username, password and email, select the Custom option.
  5. Click the Add button to finish adding the website to the Persona.

To add a website that is not in our pre-populated list, click the Custom Website selector and enter the website's name and URL. You may not be able to automatically log into this website.

Export Personas


You can export Persona information you have set up in Raven Tools to a CSV file. In Personas, click the Tool Options button in the page's header and choose the Export Data option. A CSV of your Persona Manager data will automatically be generated and downloaded to your computer.

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