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Google Analytics: Modify Settings

Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 05:28 PM


Google Analytics: Customize Settings

Campaign> Google Analytics > Google Analytics Settings

About Google Analytics Settings

Google Analytics settings are accessible by navigating to Campaign > Google Analytics, clicking the Tool Options icon and selecting Customize Settings. This button appears on every section and subpage in Google Analytics.



Here's how to enable Goals and Ecommerce in your Google Analytics account:


In Google Analytics, Goals are a way of measuring how well your website fulfills a given set of target objectives. These objectives could be anything from signing up for a newsletter to clicking through to a specific page. When a user accomplishes a goal, that data is collected as "conversions." If you set up Goals in Google Analytics, you can report on them in Raven.

Goals will be pulled in directly from your Google Analytics account. Any goal you have set up in your GA icon will be shown under the Goals drop-down menu.




In Google Analytics, Ecommerce tracking can be activated to track what visitors to your website are buying. You can report on this data in Raven if it is already activated in your Google Analytics account. To activate Ecommerce in Raven, check the checkbox next to Ecommerce in Google Analytics Settings. Select the appropriate currency if you're not tracking sales in USD and click Submit,

Misc. GA Settings


Traffic Source Details

If you are using Google Analytics to track visits from custom mediums (for instance, email campaigns or Twitter posting), you can turn on tracking for this in Raven under Traffic Source Details. For more information on custom campaigns, see Google's documentation.


Check the box next to  AdWords to pull in AdWords data available to the connected Google Analytics account. You can check to exclude campaigns with 0 impressions. If you are missing AdWords data after checking this box, here is troubleshooting help.

Note that this data is only for AdWords accounts that have been connected with your Google Analytics account and represents only a small fraction of the amount of data available through Google AdWords. This setting will pull AdWords data from the Google *Analytics* API, but you will get the most data by pulling from the *AdWords* API directly. To see AdWords metrics via the AdWords API, simply add a Google AdWords account in PPC > AdWords and then go to PPC > AdWords Metrics


Check the Auto-Import box to have all new referrers reported by Google Analytics automatically added to the Link Manager. When backlinks are added to Link Manger from Google, only the Website URL and Destination URL are included in the new active link record. However, if link monitoring is turned on for all links for the current website, then data such as anchor text will be added during the monitoring process. Go to the Link Manager to edit the link details.

Managing Google Accounts

The final section of Google Analytics Settings allows you to manage your Google Analytics account's authentication settings. This is most useful if you need to change Google Analytics account (like if, for instance, you authorized the wrong account in set-up) or if you need to reauthorize your account due to data issues.

Reset Authentication

If you need to change your Google Analytics account to a different one or reauthorize your current account, open the Reset Authentication tab. This will not alter your actual GA data in anyway – it just lets you choose a different Google Account or Google Analytics profile for use in Raven.


Once you've reset your Google Analytics authentication, follow the "Setting Up" page's instructions to add a new Google Analytics account.

Manage Accounts 

Under the Tool Options menu you can select Manage Accounts.


By doing this you will find a complete listing of the Google Account, Google Analytics Account, and their scope. 


To manage your authorized accounts click the gear icon next to any of the Google Accounts listed. You will then be able to either  Reauthorize the account or delete it. Google only allows 20 tokens per account, which can cause tokens to disappear from Raven if you exceed that limit.

Once a token has been deleted, all Websites using that token will need to be reauthorized.

For more information about Google tokens and Raven, see our blog post, “Feature Friday: An End to the Google Analytics Token Madness!”.

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