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Brand Templates

Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 05:33 PM

About Brand Templates

Brand Templates are a feature of our Report Wizard. You can white-label any report from Raven Tools. Include your own logo and custom copy in the header and footer. Templates can be made available at just the website level, for a specific profile, or across your entire account.

Once you have completed setting up the template, you can choose to make it the default template, which will brand any report you generate from any part of the system.


How to create Brand Templates

    1. Go to Reports > Brand Templates.

    2. Click on the Create a new template button.There are several settings that you can edit.

      Header: Upload your company's logo (or your client's logo for the ultimate in personalization) in JPG, PNG or Illustrator 8 EPS format. Or add up to two lines of text.

      Colors: Select colors for the Top Bar and Top Bar Text.

      Footer: Add footer text.

      Template Name: Name the template.

      Availability: Admins can choose to make this template specific to a Raven Tools account, a Profile or a Website

    3. After you have set up your Brand Template click the Save button. Raven will redirect you to the main Brand Templates page. Click Make Default to make any template the default template for that Account, Profile or Website. You can also click Edit or Delete to take those actions.


How to apply a Brand Template

Go to Reports > Wizard and follow the steps to create a new report. Once you create your report click the Edit button at the top of the page. From the Brand Template drop-down menu select the template you would like to use for your report.


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