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Alison Groves
posted this on October 13, 2010 05:35 PM

About Profile Manager


Profiles are one of the most fundamental components of managing your Internet marketing campaign with Raven. A Profile contains at least one campaign, often several campaigns. You can create Profiles based on your clients or workflow, or, for example, to keep your personal campaigns separate from client work.


If you are an admin or the account owner, you can add and edit profiles. Account owners with an Agency Account will also see a Profile Limits section when editing a profile.

Add a New Profile

Here's how to add a new profile:

  1. Click the Profile menu.

  2. Select Add New Profile from the list. 
  3. Add the profile name and click the Add Profile button.

You can now navigate to your profile to add a new campaign. Or, navigate to a campaign you want to move into the profile. You can move a campaign to a different profile in Campaign > Settings when you're within the campaign you want to move.

Edit Profiles

To edit profiles go to Preferences > Profile Manager.


From here you can edit the profile name, get an API key for the profile, delete the profile and see the campaigns associated with the profile.



API keys are unique to each profile. You can activate and get an API key by going to Preferences > Profile Manager and clicking on a profile. Then, in the API Key section, click the Get API Key button. You would need to do this for each profile you'd like an API key for. Here is documentation for the Raven API:


Profile Limits

Account owners with an Agency Account will also see a Profile Limits section when editing a profile.


Just check a box next to an item you'd like to set, add a number and click the Update Profile Limits button.

The number you add to Link Monitoring Checks and Scribe Analyzer Reports are the number of items that can be added each monthly billing cycle across this profile. The number added to Campaigns, Links or Social Monitor Searches are the total number of these items that can be setup at anytime across this profile.

You can check usage for all Raven features on our pricing page.

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