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How It Works

Raven's YouTube management tool allows users to maintain their YouTube Channels and the videos contained therein. Raven Tools uses YouTube’s API to track video views, channel subscribers over time, as well as individual video comments and favorites.

For each YouTube account that you add to YouTube Monitor, you can choose up to 10 videos for advanced monitoring. Advanced monitoring gives you lifetime metrics for videos, as well as day-to-day breakdowns on your unique views, total views, comments and favorites. This data is mashed up with data from Event Manager to show when specific events in your campaign's history may have impacted your YouTube uploads.

API Limitations

  • 3 Day Waiting Period: YouTube will not update metrics date until three days after you have authorized the account.
  • 50 Videos: We are only able to display your last 50 uploaded videos at this time.

Case Study

If your social media strategy includes uploading video content to YouTube, you'll be able to track those videos through Raven just as you would Twitter or Facebook. Let's say that you upload a video as part of a new campaign and you want to see how its traffic is driven by your other efforts. You can create events in Event Manager that correspond to your campaign elements and set your video for advanced tracking.

With the video on advanced tracking, Raven notes its views (unique and total), comments and favorites each day. All of this data is reportable in Report Wizard and can be compiled with data from elsewhere in your Raven account.

Setup Accounts

  1. Navigate to Social > YouTube.
  2. Click the Add YouTube Account button. If you've never added a YouTube account to this Website before, this button will be the only available option. For information about adding a second YouTube account, scroll down.

  3. If you are managing multiple Google+ accounts with YouTube access, you will be prompted to choose an account from the listing. Pick the account that is the "owner" of your YouTube Channel.
  4. Raven Tools redirects you the YouTube/Google login page; log in and click the Allow Access button.

Because of limitations with YouTube’s API, for the first three days you’ll see a message that says “The graph will display once data is available from YouTube (approximately 3 days after adding the account)” on the metrics page. Once your data is available, Raven Tools then updates data for that YouTube account daily.

Add Additional YouTube Accounts

The welcome screen will only appear if your Website in Raven does not have any YouTube accounts associated with it. After adding one YouTube Channel, you can add a second through the Manage Accounts page:

  1. Navigate to Social > YouTube.
  2. Click the dropdown menu containing your username, next to the YouTube header at the top of the page.

  3. Choose the Manage Accounts option.
  4. Click the Add YouTube Account button and follow the above instructions for adding your YouTube account to Raven.


Manage Accounts

YouTube-ManageGear.pngOnce you've authorized your YouTube accounts in Raven, there are several management options that can be used to change settings for individual accounts. This includes reauthorization and scope. To edit these settings, click the dropdown menu containing your YouTube accounts and choose Manage Accounts.

To edit a particular YouTube account, click the gear icon next to it on this page. You should see up to four options:

  • Make Default: If you have multiple YouTube accounts authorized on the same Campaign, you can choose to make it so one of these accounts is always shown first when navigating to Social > YouTube.
  • Move to Profile/Campaign Accounts: This option allows users to make the YouTube account available to all of the Campaigns in a Profile. You can switch this back to only display on an individual Campaign at any time.
  • Reauthorize: If you're having trouble with getting your YouTube data to appear in Raven, you can reauthorize your account in Manage Accounts with this option.
  • Delete: Delete your YouTube account from Raven. This will not delete your YouTube account; it will only remove the account from your Raven account.

Monitoring Videos


In addition to viewing a list of videos posted to your YouTube Channel, users are also able to monitor specific videos to see daily changes in viewer counts and more. A total of 10 videos per YouTube account can be monitored in this way.

Add Advanced Monitoring

To track a new video, click the Monitor button next to the video that you would like to track. Data for this video will appear from the point that you Monitor the video forward.

To monitor multiple videos at once, click the checkbox next to each video and scroll to the Bulk Actions menu. Choose Monitor Videos and click Apply to set these videos to start monitoring.


YouTube Monitor offers several different metrics, corresponding to either your Channel or your videos:

  • Lifetime Subscribers (Channel): The amount of YouTube users who have subscribed to your YouTube Channel.
  • Upload Views (Channel): The total number of views on your uploaded videos, including repeat views by individual users, during a given time period.
  • Views (Video): The number of times someone has watched your video.
  • Comments (Video): The number of times YouTube users have commented on your video.
  • Favorites (Video): The number of times YouTube users have added your video to their favorites list.
  • Unique Views (Tracked Video): The number of individuals who have viewed your video (not counting multiple views)


Filters and Sorting


YouTube users can filter and sort their videos in Raven using the options in the Sidebar on the left of the screen. To filter between All Videos or just Monitored Videos, click the appropriate button in the Filter Videos selector. To sort your videos by Newest Date, Oldest Date, Most Comments or Least Comments, click the Sort Results dropdown menu and choose an option here.

Table Settings


Click the Table Settings icon to change the pagination of your videos. To increase the number of videos appearing on one page at a time, click 5, 10, 25 or 50 next to the Pagination option in this menu.

Detail View

Monitored videos allow you to see additional metrics and data on that video. To see this information, click the title of your video. On this page, you'll see a statistics bar, a date picker and a graph — among other elements on the page. To toggle between Views metrics and Activity metrics, use the selector next to the Events dropdown menu.

In addition to YouTube data, Raven also layers over Event Manager data, if any data exists in this tool, over the graphs on this page. To select a specific event type to display, click the Events dropdown menu and choose an event from the listing. Events can be added in Campaign > Event Manager.

Reporting and Exporting

It is possible to build two different reports using YouTube Monitor in Raven: Summary and Video. These reports can be created in the YouTube Monitor tool itself and through Report Wizard.

Tool Icon

YouTube-ToolOptions.pngTo build a PDF report or CSV from within the YouTube Monitor tool:

  1. Click the Tool Options button and choose Create PDF Report for PDFs or Export Data for CSVs.
  2. Open or save the PDF report or CSV export that Raven Tools automatically generates from clicking the menu option.

Keep in mind that Raven will create a report based on the page that you click the icon on. If you click it on the main page, your PDF will contain summary data. If you click it on a video page, your PDF or CSV will contain data for just that video.

Report Wizard

To add YouTube data to your report, navigate to Reports > Report Wizard and either create a new report or edit an existing one. You can find the "YouTube" reporting modules under the Social section in the Report Options section.

You can choose Summary and Video modules for reporting in this section. Click the plus icon to add the module(s) of your choice, which can then be dragged and dropped elsewhere in the report.


Once you've added the Summary module, you are able to modify several fields:

  1. Title: The title of the report section.
  2. YouTube Account: It is required that users choose a YouTube account from this dropdown menu. If a YouTube account is not chosen, your report will not contain data.
  3. Start Date: The point that you'd like data for your report to start at.
  4. End Date: The point that you'd like data for your report to end at.
  5. Summary: An optional block of text that can be displayed at the top of the report.


Once you've added the Summary module, you are able to modify several fields:

  1. Title: The title of the report section.
  2. YouTube Video: Choose a monitored video from the list here. Only videos marked for "Monitoring" can be reported on.
  3. Start Date: The point that you'd like data for your report to start at.
  4. End Date: The point that you'd like data for your report to end at.
  5. Summary: An optional block of text that can be displayed at the top of the report.
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