How do I connect my Facebook Ads account?



Raven's integration with Facebook Ads works similarly to its corresponding Facebook and Facebook Metrics tools: upon connecting your account, you'll be directed to Facebook to accept a handful of permissions requested by Raven. These permissions are stored in an app installed on your personal Facebook profile, allowing Raven to display data from any Facebook Ads accounts that you're managing.

Although Raven is requesting access through your personal Facebook Profile, you will be able to choose the exact client that you wish to report on in Raven following the connection process.

Here's how to connect your Facebook Ads account:

  1. Navigate to Ads > Facebook Ads and click the Add Facebook Ads Account button.
  2. Raven will pop-up a window to request access to your Facebook account. If you’re not already logged into Facebook, enter your username and password.
  3. If you haven't connected Facebook in Raven before, it will request several permissions including Page Management, Publishing, Insights Access, and Ads Access. You must accept all of these options to proceed.
  4. Back in Raven, you'll be presented with a list of available Ads accounts. Select one and click Submit.

Once you've installed the Raven app on your Facebook account, you'll be able to skip the middle two steps when connecting further Facebook Ads accounts.

Help, I connected the wrong account!

You can immediately reconnect your Facebook Ads account by clicking Tool Options and choosing Reconnect Account from the menu. Or, if you want to remove the account entirely, choose Delete Account from this menu.

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