How do I report on conversion and ecommerce metrics from Google Analytics?


If you've connected a Google Analytics account and are tracking conversion goals and/or ecommerce data, you can report on all of this information with our WYSIWYG Reports tool. 

Report on Goal Conversions

Goals are events and activities that you want visitors to your website to complete, like signing up for a newsletter, completing a purchase, or spending a certain amount of time on a particular page. Each goal can be reported on in aggregate or individually.

All Goals

By default, KPIs in WYSIWYG Reports will report on Goal Completions for all of your goals added together:


Notice how the Conversions menu has "All Goals" chosen, and that the Goal Completions, Conversion Rate, and Value metrics don't specify a particular Goal? That means that they're reporting on all of your goals data in one big group.

This default behavior also carries over into charts, graphs, and tables. If you want to report on a single, specific goal, then you'll need to change some of these settings.

Individual Goals

When reporting on individual goals, always choose the Goal from the Conversions menu first. This will reset your Metrics menu to suit that goal, as demonstrated here:


If you've selected the generic Goal Completions metric, that will always display All Goals data. If you want to report on a single goal's completions, conversion rate, or value in a KPI, you must pick the specific conversion goal that you want to report on and then choose its corresponding metric.

Report on Ecommerce Data

In the past, Google Analytics combined Goals and Ecommerce into one conversions section. That's changed, which means that reporting on ecommerce in WYSIWYG Reports is slightly different from reporting on conversion goals.

Google Analytics in Raven Tools works and looks similar to the way that the standard Google Analytics platform operates. In both, your ecommerce metrics are managed by the Table Content drop-down menu. The same is true for WYSIWYG Reports:


To select a specific ecommerce metric for a custom KPI, you'll need to first select Ecommerce from the Table Content menu. That will change the available metrics to data relevant to ecommerce: Sessions, Transactions, Revenue, Average Order Value, Per Sessions Value, and Ecommerce Conversion Rate.

What about Product Performance or Shopping Behavior?

For now, the only ecommerce data available in Raven Tools are the overall ecommerce metrics. Specific reports on products, shopping, checkouts, and other ecommerce reports relating to behavior and performance are considered Enhanced Ecommerce, which have not been integrated into Raven. You can change that by voting on the Enhanced Ecommerce feature request.

Something's Wrong, I Don't See Table Content or Conversions!

There are six top-level metrics that are locked to their specific views: Top Campaigns, Top Events, Top Landing Pages, Top Referrals, Top Social Network Referrals, and Top Traffic. The good news is that each of these has a corresponding metric that allows for the flexibility of reporting on Conversions and Ecommerce:

  • Top Campaigns -> Campaigns
  • Top Events -> Events
  • Top Landing Pages -> Content Landing Pages
  • Top Referrals -> All Referrals
  • Top Social Network Referrals -> Social Network Referrals
  • Top Traffic -> All Traffic

Each of these metrics are flexible enough to change the sort behavior, table content, conversion goals, and more.

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