Does Raven provide keyword rankings data?


Keyword rankings are a prized metric among digital marketers, giving insight into how their marketing campaigns and optimization efforts are affecting organic placement in search engine results. Raven provides rankings data, but in a different way from most marketing platforms.

Average Rank, Not SERPs

Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) is the most common way of describing keyword rankings. Often, theses SERPs are discovered through the process of data scraping: using robots to automatically search keywords and "scrape" the search results into off-site databases. Data scraping is forbidden by the terms of service of every major search engine, so we don't do it.

Instead, Raven integrates Google Search Console, which gives average ranking data. Average Rank is calculated by looking at all of the times Google users saw your website in searches for a given keyword phrase, finding the highest point your domain appeared in those impressions and then averaging them all together. This winds up being a bit more reliable than scraped SERPs, as it takes into account geolocation, personalization and other factors which may change your position for an individual user.

Looking for more information on how Google calculates Average Rank? Read how they explain it in their Search Console documentation.

This data has a few benefits:

  1. First, it's the most accurate data available. Instead of trusting a robot to obtain "neutral" data (which, in a world where dozens of localized ranking factors exist, is unlikely), you're viewing data from the most data points possible. Search Analytics shows rankings based on as many as thousands of impressions, in all versions of Google.

  2. More than that, this data give you the important context that's missing from SERPs: impressions, clicks, and search volume. This context tells you if people are searching terms that you're seeking rankings for, as well as if they are driving traffic to your website. After all, ranking well for a term that isn't being searched is about as good as not ranking at all.

For expert-level keyword analysis, add keywords to Keyword Manager. We'll automatically match up those keywords with rankings from Search Console where they exist. 

Can I report on competitor data?

The downside of using authorized data is that you're not able to access keyword rankings for websites that you cannot verify ownership or administratorship for. That means that you cannot track rankings for your competitors in Raven itself.

However, if you maintain a subscription with Authority Labs, you can import any keyword rankings you'd like from their service into WYSIWYG Reports: competitors and otherwise. For more information on importing Authority Labs data, see this guide.

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