How do I add a Cover Page and Table of Contents to my PDF report?


WYSIWYG Reports can output reports in two ways: as an interactive HTML report or as a downloadable PDF. When exporting your report as a PDF, you can now add a Cover Page and Table of Contents to the beginning your file.

Enable PDF Settings

To enable either the Cover Page or Table of Contents in your report, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the report that you want to enable PDF Settings on.
  2. Click the Scheduled Report Settings button (for scheduled reports) or Report Settings (for one time reports).
  3. Switch to the PDF Report tab in the settings window.
  4. Click the Yes selector to turn on Cover Page and/or Table of Contents.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.

Customize Your Cover Page

After clicking the Yes button for Cover Page, you're given three customizable options:

  • Title: The overall name of your report, shown in bold at the top of the report. If left empty, we'll use the Report Title set in your Report Attributes tab.
  • Subtitle: A brief descriptor of the report.
  • Byline: The name of the person or agency who prepared the report.

The cover page will also include your report's logo, so be sure that you've uploaded a high-resolution image. If you haven't added a logo to your report, you can do so by clicking the Add Logo button in the top-left corner of your report.

Customize Your Table of Contents

Similar to the Cover Page, your Table of Contents has two options: Title and Subtitle. Each can be optionally edited.

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