How to Modify Reports With Google Analytics 4 Widgets


Before you begin: Once you have connected your Raven campaign with its corresponding Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property, the next step is to modify your campaign reports with GA4 widgets.

Locate the Report

1] Select the campaign for which you want to modify the reports from the dropdown list at the top.


2] Click on WYSIWYG Reports from the left-side navigation menu.


3] Click on the report title of the report you want to modify with GA4 widgets. This opens the report.


4] Click Add more Metrics.


5] Select Google Analytics 4.


6] Select one of the predefined section templates for GA4 to add it to your report.


7] You will be able to see the GA4 section in the left side menu and you will automatically be scrolled to that section in the report.

Create a Custom Widget

8] If you wish to create a custom GA4 widget, click on the Create Custom Widget button in the upper right of the modal.


9] Fill in all the required fields and click Submit.


10] You will be able to see the newly created custom widget in the section that you selected.

After adding the required GA4 widgets, you can go ahead and delete the Google Analytics sections or widgets from your report. Make sure the reports of all your campaigns are updated with the GA4 widgets.

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