How do I add competitors to Competitor Manager?



Competitors can be added to Competitor Manager through a variety of tools in Raven, including Site Finder, Research Central and more.

Competitor Research > Competitor Manager

  1. Navigate to Competitor Research > Competitor Manager.
  2. Click the Add Competitors button and add each of your competitors, one per line.
  3. Add tags in the Tags field to associate all imported competitors with the given set of tags.
  4. Click the Add button.

It will take up to 20 minutes before the metrics begin to populate with data, so sit tight and check back in a little while to see how your website stacks up against your competitors.

Research Central

When performing keyword or domain research in Research Central, there are several tools that allow you to research and add competitors to Competitor Manager for tracking. You will find the option to Add to Competitor Manager via the Gear Icon in the following Research Central tools:

  • Competitor Research > Domain Research Central > Backlinks
  • Competitor Research > Domain Research Central > Neighborhood
  • Keyword Research > Keyword Research Central > Competitors

Link Building > Site Finder

Site Finder allows you to quickly discover where your competitors for a keyword are getting their backlinks. When looking at a Site Finder search, all of the results can be added to Competitor Manager by clicking the Gear Icon and choosing Add to Competitor Manager.

To add multiple domains as competitors, select the checkbox next to each domain that you wish to add and choose Add Competitors from the Bulk Actions menu at the top of the page.

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