What is Event Manager?



Event Manager is a tool designed to give the rest of your data the perspective of when important things happen during the course of your campaign. Like many of the other Campaign Tools, the events created in Event Manager can be seen across the entire platform, including in Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter.

An event is a visual signifier of some kind of development that could play a role in how your data changes. All of these events are contained within Event Manager, where they can be tagged, edited and exported.

Quickly report connections between events and analytics

When a major media outlet links to your website, what happens to your traffic and engagement metrics? How much of a spike do you see on Twitter or Facebook during a social media contest? Overlay event data with social media metrics and Google Analytics reports. Connections will be easier to spot.

Discover what effect offline marketing has on your online marketing

Product launches. Print advertising. Event sponsorships. These offline marketing techniques can directly influence traffic and engagement on your client's website or boost social media awareness. Save these to Event Manager, too, for even more insight.

Start adding events to track your accomplishments by going to Campaign > Event Manager.

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