What is Tag Manager?



Whenever a user tags a keyword, competitor, link, event, contact or piece of content, that tag is automatically aggregated by Tag Manager, found under the Campaign section. From here, you can observe the amount of items that are part of the tag, identify any duplicates and rename or merge tags at will.

Tag all the things

Tagging is a powerful way of organizing your data in a way that can be quickly and easily isolated. Let's say that your client runs a website with several different products. Each product has its own set of unique keywords that can be tagged as such. If one of these products is discontinued by your client, you can quickly identify all of the keywords associated with the discontinued product.

Stay organized while collaborating

Tag Manager makes processing these tags easier by giving users control over all of their tags from a single location. Let's say that you have multiple users in your Raven account and these users are tagging events. One user uses the tag "blog post" to designate a day where a new blog post was written. The other user uses the tag "blog posts" to designate the same occurrence. Instead of going through and manually changing one tag to mirror the other, you can simply merge the two tags.

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