How do I delete a Campaign?


Admins and Account Owners are able to delete Campaigns from their account using the Campaign Settings menu.

  1. Navigate to the Campaign you'd like to delete using the campaign menu.
  2. Go to Settings > Campaign Settings. If you're using the simplified navigation, you will need to click the More Tools button at the top of the sidebar.
  3. Click the Tool Options button and choose Delete Campaign from the menu.
  4. Enter your Campaign URL (or, if added, Display Name) and click Delete Campaign to confirm. This deletes the campaign and all content within it forever. There's not a way to restore data after deleting it.


If you do not see the Delete Campaign button on this page, the likely reason is that you do not have high enough permissions to add or remove Campaigns. In this case, you may need to contact the account owner associated with your account to either increase your access or delete the Campaign.

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