What data is available in each Google Analytics section?


Raven's Google Analytics integration is broken up into 11 different sections: Overview, All Traffic, All Referrals, Content, Campaigns, Events, Goals, Audience, Social, AdWords and Custom. Looking for specific data in relation to your Google Analytics account? Here's a handy breakdown for each section:

Raven Contains GA Equivalent
Overview   Dashboards
All Traffic   Acquisition > All Traffic
All Referrals   Acquisition > All Referrals
Content All Pages
Landing Pages
Exit Pages
Behavior > Site Content
Campaigns   Audience > Custom
Events Events Overview
Events Pages
Behavior > Events
Goals   Conversions > Goals
Audience New vs. Returning
Frequency & Recency
Mobile Overview
Mobile Devices
Geo Language
Geo Location
Browser & OS
Social Overview
Landing Pages
Network Referrals
Acquisition > Social
AdWords   Acquisition > AdWords


The AdWords and Custom sections are turned off by default. In order to activate AdWords in Google Analytics, you must link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics account. In order to activate the Custom section, you must create at least one Custom Chart.

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