What is a Custom Chart and how do I create one?



Custom Charts are customizable sections of Google Analytics which give you the flexibility to invent new charts and tables for use in reports and elsewhere. With a custom chart, you can select up to six metrics and see how data stacks up on a particular dimension.

Here's how you can create a custom chart:

  1. Navigate to SEO Research > Google Analytics.
  2. Click the New Custom Chart button at the top of the screen.
  3. Give your chart a title to distinguish it in the sidebar and in reports.
  4. Choose up to six metrics. All metrics available in Raven's Google Analytics integration should be available for Custom Chart usage.
  5. Select a dimension. You can choose from seven options: Campaign, Source, Medium, Referral Path, Landing Page Path, Keyword and Social Network.
  6. Click the Preview tab to see what you chart looks like. Or, just click Save Chart to save your Custom Chart.

If you do not have any existing custom charts, this will create the Custom section in your Google Analytics tool, as well as a Custom reporting option in WYSIWYG Reports. This chart can be modified by clicking the Edit button while the chart is open in Raven.

Delete Your Chart

If you'd like to delete a Custom Chart, you can do so by opening the chart in SEO Research > Google Analytics and clicking the red Delete button.

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