How to Set Site Auditor Classic's Crawl Frequency and Schedule


By default, Site Auditor Classic crawls your website monthly, from the point you initiate your first crawl forward. If you'd prefer, you can have Site Auditor Classic crawl your website on a weekly schedule or only when manually requested.

Set the Crawl Frequency

1] In the upper right of the Site Auditor Classic page, click the Tools Options link.

Tool Options Link.png

2] From the menu that appears choose Settings.

Choose Settings.png

3] On the Settings page, from the Analysis Schedule dropdown menu select either Weekly or Monthly.

Analysis Schedule.png

Set the Crawl Schedule

4] After you select a crawl frequency, a new dropdown menu appears under the Analysis Schedule dropdown. You will use this dropdown menu to set the crawl schedule. If you chose Weekly in step 3, choose which day of the week to schedule your crawls from the dropdown menu.

Analysis Schedule Weekly.png

5] If you chose Monthly in step 3, choose which date of the month to schedule your crawls from the dropdown menu. Selections are set automatically.

Analysis Schedule Monthly.png

6] Click Close at the bottom.

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