How do I add Google keyword ranking data?


In order to view keyword ranking data from Google, you must connect your Google Webmaster Tools account. This will allow Raven to display keyword information, including Average Rank, in the Keyword Rankings tool.

  1. Navigate to SEO > Google Webmaster Tools and click the Add Google Webmaster Tools Account button.
  2. Once you click the Add Google Webmaster Tools Account button, a window will appear with a list of services that can be connected. Click the Google Webmaster Tools option, which has been highlighted for you, to proceed.

  3. If you already have Google Accounts connected, you will be presented with a dropdown menu for selecting one of those accounts. If you see the account you were planning on connecting in this list, choose the account and click Use This Account. Otherwise, click the New Account button.

  4. To continue connecting your Google Account, click the Continue to Google AdWords button. Optionally, you can pick and choose which Google properties that you want to give permissions for, using the Advanced Permissions tab. This includes Webmaster Tools, Analytics and YouTube. Be careful in deselecting these options, as it can cause disconnection issues.

  5. You will be directed to a Google page asking if you would want to allow Raven to access your account. Click the Accept button.

  6. Select a website from the account dropdown menu. If you have multiple versions of the same website, choose the one that is most commonly used. Click the Add This Domain to continue.

That's it! Once you've connected your GWT account, it will take up to 20 minutes for Top Searches data to appear in your account. If you do not see this data after 20 minutes, try connecting your account in the Tool Options menu.


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