What is Google Webmaster Tools?



Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) in Raven provides keyword data about the websites you have added to your Google Search Console account. This data tells you exactly how Google users are finding and engaging with your website in organic Google searches.

You can connect your Search Console account to Raven for easy access to your data and integration within Raven's Keyword Manager and Keyword Rankings tools.

Review search and keyword data from Google Webmaster Tools

Raven's Keyword Ranking tool is where you'll want to spend your time if you're really interested in GWT's average ranking data for your website. That said, you can access the same ranking data in a different format here. Authenticate Raven with Google Search Console to access keyword data from your account.

Hold on to your keyword data for longer than 60 days

Normally, Google provides data for a rolling 60-day window in their Search Analytics tool. But, if you're reporting on even a quarterly basis, that data won't be sufficient. Raven downloads all of the available data for your account upon authorization and builds on it daily for up to two years of data.

Give your clients that context behind their rankings

Google Webmaster Tools provides Average Rank — a calculation based on how actual Google users find your websites in Google searches. In addition to a ranking, we provide data on how many people have seen your website in a keyword search (impressions) and how many of those people clicked through. Not provided? Not anymore!

Raven integrates Google Webmaster Tools seamlessly into the platform

Got your data? Report on it in Report Builder, add keywords to Keyword Manager, sift through your rankings with the Keyword Rankings tool. It's all available for you to make the most of your keyword data.

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