How do I add links to Link Manager?



There are numerous methods to add links to Link Manager, including manually within Link Manager, automatically through Google Analytics, from Research Central and more:

Link Building > Link Manager


  1. Navigate to Link Building > Link Manager.
  2. Click the Add Link button. This opens what Raven calls a Link Record.
  3. Add Link Details to the Link Record. Add the Owner of the link (the person assigned to the link), the Status (there are several basic options and you can create your own) and the link type (also with several basic options, plus you can create your own).
  4. Then you can add the anchor kind, the anchor text, the link Destination URL, the Website URL and the Website Type. Click the Description Tab if you'd like to add a description. You can add additional information to the link once it's added. For complete definitions of these terms, see the Raven Knowledge Base Link Records article.
  5. Click the Submit the button.

Bulk Import via CSV

  1. Navigate to Link Building > Link Manager.
  2. Click Tool Options > Import Data.
  3. Click the Choose File button and browse to your CSV file.
  4. Choose the Currency that you'd like to use, if paid links are included, and enable Link Monitoring, if desired.
  5. Click the Upload Links button to import your links.
  6. On the next screen, you can verify your links and confirm the upload.

For more information on importing CSVs into Link Manager, see this related article.

Research Central

When performing keyword or domain research in Research Central, there are several tools that allow you to research and add backlinks to Keyword Manager for storage. You will find the option to Add Link Record via the Gear Icon in the following Research Central tools:

  • Competitor Research > Domain Research Central > Pages
  • Competitor Research > Domain Research Central > Backlinks
  • Competitor Research > Domain Research Central > Neighborhood
  • Keyword Research > Keyword Research Central > Competitors

Link Building > Site Finder

When working on SEO research using Site Finder, you can add domains to Link Manager by clicking the Gear Menu and choosing the Add Root Domain to Link Manager option.

You can also add the individual Ranking URLs by clicking the root domain that appears and choosing Add to Link Manager from the Gear Menu.

Link Building > Backlink Explorer

When researching backlinks to domains in Backlink Explorer, you can add a backlink to Link Manager by clicking the Gear Icon and choosing the Add to Link Manager option. Links that already exist in your Link Manager will be highlighted in blue.

Auto-Import Google Analytics Referrers

If you have a Google Analytics account connected in SEO Research > Google Analytics, you can have new referrers automatically imported into Link Manager as they are tracked via Google Analytics.

When backlinks are added to Link Manger from Google, only the Website URL and Destination URL are included in the new active link record. However, if link monitoring is on for all links for the current website, then data such as anchor text will be added during the monitoring process.

  1. Navigate to SEO Research > Google Analytics.
  2. Click the Tool Options button and select Settings.
  3. Click the checkbox next to Auto-Import to enable automatic imports.
  4. Click the Submit button to save.
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