How is information divided in SEO Metrics?


SEO Metrics is divided into six different sections, each displaying data from Google Analytics or, in the case of Top Searches, Google Search Analytics. In order to view this data, you must have Google Analytics authorized in your account.

Keep in mind that each of these sections displays data filtered to only display organic traffic and performance.

Site Engagement

Site Engagement is a keyword report, displaying Goal Completions, Visits and more. Organic keyword data is no longer readily available through Google Analytics due to Google's encrypted search, but search partners will still provide keywords when driving traffic from search results to your website.


The Goals section lists all of your Google Analytics conversion goals and breaks this data down by completions, value and conversion rate. This data reflects conversions that came as a result of organic traffic.

Landing Pages

Similar to the Content > Landing Pages section in Google Analytics, the Landing Pages section of SEO Metrics displays all of the pages search engine visitors have entered your website through, along with goal conversions and other relevant information.

Search Engine Share

Search Engine Share breaks down your organic medium by search engine, to show what engines are driving the most traffic and conversions to your website. This is essentially a filtered version of your source list to only show organic sources.

Link Referrals

Link Referrals mashes up data from Link Manager and Google Analytics to show which managed backlinks are driving the most traffic to your website.

Link Referrals will only show data for Active links with the Referral status in Link Manager, so be sure to populate your database to start seeing data here. To get an easy jump-start, enable Auto-Import in Google Analytics.

Top Searches

Finally, Top Searches is an exact replication of the Top Searches section in Google Search Analytics.

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