What is YouTube?



Raven's YouTube management tool allows users to maintain their YouTube Channels and the videos contained therein. Raven Tools uses YouTube's API to track video views, channel subscribers over time, as well as individual video comments and favorites.

Each YouTube video has a detail view, containing lifetime metrics for videos, as well as day-to-day breakdowns on your unique views, total views, comments and favorites. This data is mashed up with data from Event Manager to show when specific events in your campaign's history may have impacted your YouTube uploads.

View and report fundamental YouTube video metrics

First, sync your YouTube channels with Raven. Then, see views, comments and favorites metrics at a glance — and report in a few moments — for the entire list of videos on a specific YouTube channel.

Find out which YouTube videos drive traffic to your website

Did that popular YouTube video campaign pay off on your website? Raven combines your YouTube and Google Analytics data to show you how video interactions are affecting website traffic.

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