What are Google Ads Insights?


Google Ads Insights is a collection of tools powered by your authorized Google Ads account within the Google Ads section. In each subsection of Insights, you can find data on how well your Google Ads campaigns, ad groups and keywords are performing, including actionable information on how to improve that performance. Insights is broken into four sections: Keyword Quality, Search Query Performance, Bid Goal Performance, and Paid/Organic.

All three tabs require an authorized Google Ads account with active campaigns. Paused or deleted campaigns will not contribute data to these sections.

Insight Tools

Google Ads Insights contains four Insights tools: Keyword Quality, Search Query Performance, Bid Goal Performance, and Paid/Organic.

Keyword Quality

The Keyword Quality view presents a list of all Keywords with a Quality Score below 8. Click a Keyword, Campaign or Ad Group to view it within Google Ads Manager or use the Bulk Actions menu to pause or delete a Keyword or multiple Keywords. This view only returns results for active Keywords, so if a keyword is paused at the Ad Group or Campaign level, it will not appear.

Each Google Ads keyword has a corresponding Quality Score which plays a part in determining how much it costs for you to bid on that keyword. In general, a high Quality Score means your Keyword will trigger ads in a higher position and at a lower cost-per-click (CPC).

Search Query Performance

Search Query Performance allows you to discover which search terms are triggering specific Google Ads keywords. This gives you greater insight and control over your campaigns. For example, you can exclude unrelated search terms from specific Ad Groups or Campaigns.

Bid Goal Performance

Unlike the previous two tools, Bid Goal Performance displays statistics based on your shared bidding strategies. This is most popularly used in conjunction with flexible bidding strategies, which allow you to automatically adjust your bidding based on a given set of criteria.

This tool will only show data for Bid Strategies that appear in your shared library. Unshared strategies will not appear in the report.


The Paid/Organic Query tool mashes up data from yourGoogle Ads campaigns with the keyword data provided in Google Search Console, effectively displaying your organic search data alongside the keywords that you're paying for. This report allows you to fully analyze your search presence, giving you the information you need to bid intelligently on search keywords.

In order to view data in this report, you will need to have a Search Console account for your website and have that Search Console account linked to your Google Ads account. Otherwise, this report will remain blank. Additionally, this report (like Search Query Performance) only displays data for text ads.

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