How do I add a lead source to CRM?



There are three steps to adding leads to the CRM: connecting a lead, choosing a list and managing your source mapping.

Connect a lead source

  1. Navigate to CRM > Contacts.
  2. Click the Leads tab.
  3. Click the Add Lead Sources button and select either AWeber, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or Wufoo from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Continue.

If you are connecting an AWeber account, you will be redirected to AWeber's website where you will be prompted to provide your AWeber username and password. Connecting a Campaign Monitor or MailChimp account will require your API key. Connecting a Wufoo account will require your API key and the subdomain you use with their service.

Choose a list

After you've connected a lead source, you'll be prompted to add one of your lists from the account. Choose the list you’d like to import leads from and click Continue. (You can add additional lists from the same Lead Source once this process is complete.)

Manage your lead source mapping

After you've selected a list to pull leads from, you will be prompted to map fields from your list to fields in Raven’s CRM using drop-down menus to make your selections. Fields set to Not Set will not be imported.

Once you've finished mapping the input fields for the list, click the Save Fields button. Raven will automatically look for leads when a list is initially enabled, after which it will check for new leads added to the list once per hour.

Leads are campaign-specific in Raven, but any leads converted to contacts are created as global contacts.

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