How do I white label my Report Wizard reports?


Reports created in Report Wizard can be branded with your own logo, colors and footer using Brand Templates. In order to brand your reports, you must first create a Brand Template.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Brand Templates.
  2. Click the Create a New Template button on this page.
  3. Once you've created the template, you can customize it:
    1. Give your template a name and choose its scope: Campaign, Profile or Account. This dictates whether your template can be used on reports in just this Campaign, all of the Campaigns in your Profile or across your entire account.
    2. Choose and upload a logo. Horizontally oriented images in high-resolution JPG or PNG format are recommended. Avoid transparent backgrounds.
    3. Choose the colors for the text and background of the header bars.
    4. Enter any footer text you may want to include.
  4. Click the Save button to save your template.

Now that you've created a Brand Template, you can set add it to new and existing reports by choosing the new template in your report settings.

TIP: You can brand all of your reports — including quick reports — automatically by setting a default Brand Template. The option to make a template the default is available in the gear menu on the main Brand Templates page.

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