Can I switch my account to a custom domain?



By default, Raven accounts use the URL But, if you'd rather have something a bit more memorable as the URL of your Raven account, there are two options for customizing this address: one for all Raven customers and one for customers on the Grow, Lead, and Thrive tiers.

Custom Subdomain (All accounts)

All Raven customers can claim a unique subdomain off of As long as the subdomain hasn't been claimed by another Raven customer, it's up for grabs! To switch to a customizable subdomain, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Preferences > Custom Domain.
  2. In the window that appears, insert your preferred subdomain into the Subdomain field.
  3. Click the Save Settings button. We'll let you know if that subdomain has already been taken.

You can remove your subdomain altogether by clicking the Remove Subdomain button. In addition to a custom subdomain, you can also pick your logout page, which will funnel your users back to the web page of your choosing.

Custom Domain (Grow, Lead, and Thrive only)

For users on the Grow, Lead, or Thrive plans, you're able to use a custom domain of your choosing for your Raven account without any additional charge. You can use any domain you'd like, as long as you own that domain. This white label option applies to both the platform itself and to any HTML reports generated from WYSIWYG Reports.

To get set up with a custom domain, contact Raven's support team through the Help icon at the bottom-right corner of the platform. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to help you get set up with this domain.

Customers on our legacy Agency tier can also use their own custom domain with Raven for an additional $50/month. Please contact our support team for more information and to opt into the add-on.

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