How to Update Profile Limits


Using profile limits, you can place limitations on capabilities for users with a given profile. Profile limits can be set for campaigns, link monitoring checks, and links.

Update Profile Limits

1] Log into Raven and in the upper right, click on your user profile image to expose the preferences menu.

Click on User Image.png

2] In the System Preferences section of the menu, click Profile Manager.

Acct Mgr Menu.png

3] The list of profiles appears.

Profile Manager.png

4] Scroll through the list of profiles to locate the one that you'd like to update the limits and click the profile name. The details of that profile appear.

Update Profile Limits.png

5] To set a limit on campaigns, check the checkbox next to the Campaigns textbox and enter a numerical limit in the textbox.

6] Repeat step 5 for link monitoring checks and links.

7] When you've finished making all the updates, click the Update Profile Limits button on the right.

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