What is Setup Wizard?



Setup Wizard is a multi-step process used to create Campaigns in your Raven account. When you click the Add Campaign button or link in Raven, it will direct you to Setup Wizard to begin the process of creating a new Campaign.

Add Your Campaign

The first step is to add the Campaign itself. Campaigns can be domains, domains with folders and subdomains. Campaigns created using a specific URL with a file extension will drop the file during the creation process.

Connect Accounts

Once you've created your Campaign, you can begin to connect your third-party accounts. In this case, you can connect the following tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Twitter and Facebook. More can be connected once the Setup Wizard process is complete.

That's It!

Once you've connected your accounts, you're good to go. You'll be directed to the Dashboard of the Campaign that you just created, allowing you to start populating tools and creating reports.

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