Are there any discounts for Raven?

There are two ways to receive discounts on Raven.

Annual Subscriptions

Raven customers who choose to pay upfront for a year's subscription to Raven will get 12 months of Raven for the cost of 11. For example, a Pro account would get a year of Raven for $1,089, rather than the total monthly rate of $1,188. We still bill monthly for usage overages and separate third-party orders though.

In order to take advantage of this deal, contact our support line and ask to be switched over from monthly billing to annual.


Know somebody who would love Raven? Want to help them out, while helping yourself out as well? If you refer someone to Raven using your referral code and they sign up for a paid subscription, you get $50 knocked off your Raven bill!

Check out the details of our Referrals Program by navigating to Preferences > Referrals in your Raven account.

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