How do I upgrade or downgrade?



There are times when you might outgrow your plan (or need to scale back). Whether you're interested in upgrading or downgrading your account, the account owner can accomplish this by navigating to Preferences > Account Type.

Click the Choose button beneath the tier that you want to switch to. You'll be given two options: one for Monthly and one for Yearly. In both cases, customers pay a monthly subscription fee but with the Yearly option, you get a discount in exchange for agreeing to use Raven for a whole 12 months.


Having trouble downgrading?

If you're downgrading your account and see a message reading "Subscription could not be downgraded," give it one more try. Our billing platform sometimes takes a little long to sync your new usage and a second attempt is typically successful. If you have further trouble downgrading, contact Customer Support and someone will help you change your account status.

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