Why is my credit card being declined?


There are a number of reasons why a credit card could be declined when signing up for (or changing the billing information in) Raven. If you see an error reading "There was an error processing your card, please verify your card information," this means that your credit card has been declined by our processor.

There are several likely reasons for this error. We recommend starting with troubleshooting any typing mistakes, then you can research any issues with the credit card or your bank.

Typing Mistakes

  1. The exact name on the card does not match: Be sure you type the name on the card exactly as it appears.
  2. The credit card number was mistyped: Be sure to not include spaces or dashes.
  3. Expired: Make sure you are entering a Card Expiration date in the future.

Blocked Payment

If it doesn't look like you're typing something incorrectly, your credit card company or bank could be blocking payment for a number of reasons.

Credit Card Company

Your credit card company might be blocking the transaction because Raven is seen as an "online software company." This can trigger automatic fraud detection measures, particularly for international customers.

We would recommend that you give your credit card company a call and make sure Raven is seen as a trusted source. Transactions may appear 2 to 3 business days after the transaction was attempted. "RAVENTOOLS.COM" will be listed as the transaction description when viewing transactions.


Your bank could also be blocking payment for similar reasons. For instance, you may need to give your bank permission to accept an international transaction, if using Raven from a country outside of United States.

If you're confident the error is not because of a typing mistake and you've verified that your credit card company is not blocking payment, You should next call your bank to see if they are blocking the payment.

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