How do I view AdWords data through Google Analytics?


To see data in the AdWords section of Google Analytics, you need to ensure that the Google Analytics account authorized in Raven is also connected to a corresponding Google AdWords account. This connection is made outside of Raven:

  1. Outside of Raven link your Google Analytics account to the corresponding AdWords account if it's not already.
  2. Enable the Apply Cost Sources option if it is not already checked in your AdWords account. Navigate to this option by clicking the AdWords settings gear icon, and then select Profile Settings. You will need appropriate account access to make this change.

  3. Navigate to Analytics > Google Analytics. If your account has already been authorized, you should see an AdWords section in the listing. If your have not authorized a Google Analytics account, walk through this process.
  4. Make sure Destination URL Auto-tagging is enabled in Google AdWords. After making this change, it can take up to two hours for Raven to receive the new data. Having this feature disabled can cause missing data in Raven's Google Analytics integration.
  5. In Analytics > Google Analytics click the Tool Options icon and select Settings. Make sure that the currency matches what your AdWords campaigns are using.
  6. Go to Analytics > Google Analytics > Adwords to see your AdWords metrics via the Google Analytics API.
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