What is the Legacy Dashboard?


The Dashboard has been upgraded in a major way! Want to know more about our new Dashboard technology? Learn more.

Raven's Legacy Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance look at the last 30 days of your Internet marketing activities. Whether it's summary data from Google Analytics, a Site Auditor report or a quick place to research through Research Central, this is all available through the Legacy Dashboard.

Get a bird's eye view

More than a dozen modules can be added to your Legacy Dashboard, from tools as diverse as Google Analytics, Link Manager, Site Auditor and Facebook. Just open the menu of Legacy Dashboard modules, select the one you want and add it — all in one motion.

Arrange your data

Each of the modules in the Legacy Dashboard can be dragged and dropped in two columns, allowing you to organize these modules on the fly to create your perfect dashboard. Don't care about Twitter? Throw it on the bottom! Want to keep all of your Google data in one column? Drag your modules and drop them in place. We'll save your progress as you go.

Set defaults

The Legacy Dashboard allows you to set the default Profile and Campaign for when you log into your Raven account. Avoid having to scan through your Campaigns to find the one you always want to go to.

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