What sections are available when researching domains?


In total, Research Central provides nine different sections for analyzing the data surrounding a domain or URL. You can see an overview of information in the Summary section, with more detailed information in each individual section:

Research Central Sections

Summary A high-level overview of metrics, scores and graphs dealing with your URL or domain.
Quality Customizable quality scores that boil down the metrics seen in Summary into a single number.
Keywords External keywords from Moz and Majestic. This data can be filtered by data source and is interconnected with your backlinks data.
Pages A listing of pages on the researched domain, along with authority scores, backlink totals and any access errors that may exist.
Backlinks A sampling of backlinks discovered pointing to this page or website, from Moz and Majestic SEO.
Neighborhood Detailed information about the other websites that are sharing subnets or IP addresses with the researched domain.
Compare All of the metrics from Summary, compared against up to five competitors.
Semantic Data from Calais about the keywords used on the researched website, their type and overall relevance to the rest of the website.
Design A brief analysis of design standards and whether or not this website is following best practices.

Each section can be reported on in WYSIWYG Reports.

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