What is Site Auditor?


Site Auditor is a tool designed to illuminate the performance and SEO errors found on your website. The tool crawls the pages of your website, checking for broken links, metadata, content issues, image issues, semantic structure, and more, giving you actionable areas where you can improve the performance and quality of your website.

Two Versions of Site Auditor

There are currently two versions of Site Auditor. The legacy version is Site Auditor Classic (first image below) and the newer version is Site Auditor Studio (second image below). Both Site Auditor Classic and Site Auditor Studio gather data in key areas of technical  SEO but categorize them differently:

  • Classic: The categorization is seven categories: Visibility, Meta, Content, Link, Image, Semantic, Page Load Speed
  • Studio: The categorization is Critical, Warning, Needs Attention

Site Auditor Classic is no longer being maintained. Site Auditor Studio is being maintained, but no no functionality is being developed.


We recommend new users of Raven use the Studio version. 

Site  Auditor Studio All Issues.png

Both versions can be accessed via the SEO Research submenu on the left side menu.

SEO Research Menu.png

Analyze Your Website for Technical SEO Issues

Both versions of Site Auditor automatically crawl any website to gather data about seven key technical SEO areas:

  1. Search engine visibility
  2. Meta data
  3. Content
  4. Links
  5. Images
  6. Semantics (including schema)
  7. Page load speed.

Get the Summary Report

With one glance at the Site Auditor summary, you see an overall picture of your website's SEO health. Zoom into any category and Site Auditor presents specific details about what pages need SEO attention and why.

Start Fixing Issues and Track Progress

Site Auditor is the X-ray technician revealing growing problems. You decide what website SEO health issues to fix, based on Site Auditor’s prescriptions. Set the frequency of crawls, then compare results over time to track improvement. Note: compare crawls are only available with Site Auditor Classic.

Pitch New SEO Clients With Site Auditor's Capabilities

Lots of Raven users keep prospective client websites in Raven. Run a Site Auditor check on a potential client’s website then bring them the report summary to your first meeting. It's a great way to secure new clients.

Set it and Forget it

Site Auditor can be set to run weekly or monthly, allowing you to see how your efforts to clean up errors on your website change over time. All results are produced in the tool and can also be provided as HTML and PDF reports for further inspection.

In summary. Run Site Auditor now to start improving your website's SEO.

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